Sofia, Sofia-Capital, BGR

Energetic, wild, passioned, red-coloured music from our hearts!


BULGARA was formed in the end of 2002.
Our music is a homogenous mixture of extracts of Bulgarian folklore in and modern beats and arrangements; an innovation in mixing components of different styles - symphonic sound, hip-hop, drum&bass, jungle, R&B beats - with traditional instruments, vocal parts and themes. Modern sound, adding to the beauty of the traditional Bulgarian folk songs. Part of the compositions is written by us, others are composed on the basis of Bulgarian folk songs.

In 2003 we won the prestigious Bulgarian theater award “Askeer” for the original music for “The Wild” ethno-performance.
The music we wrote for the film “Beyond the Line” received a very high praise from the film and music critique.
BULGARA appear in a number of popular and specialized music programmes in the Bulgarian National Television.
We have performed together with Milcho Leviev at the Bulgaria Hall and as guest musicians for “Upsurt” at Hristo Botev Hall.
In 2004 we appeared as a main act at the Apolonia festival and the French music T.V. channel MEZZO covered part of our concert.
We performed as a support act at the concert of David Garfield and The Cats during Sofia Music Jam .
In February 2005 we returned from a club tour in Hungary, Austria and Germany.
The band performed at festivals in Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine and Great Britain in the summer of 2005.
In 2006 Bulgara played in almost every jazz and ethno festival in our country and warmed up for Al Di Meola’s concert in Bulgaria.
At present our live appearances are at festivals and in clubs all over Europe.

Set List

1.Sweet Sadness 3.41
Music D.Hristov, arranged by K.Dobrev/D.Hristov

2.Kopanitza 3.15
Music K.Genchev/K.Dobrev, arranged by K.Dobrev

3.Balkan Flamenco 4.08
Music K.Genchev/D.Hristov, arranged by .Genchev/D.Hristov

4.Dreaminess 6.31
Music K.Genchev / K.Dobrev, arranged by K.Dobrev

5.Bear’s Wedding 8.34
Music D.Hristov/K.Genchev, arranged by D.Hristov/K.Genchev

6.Baklava 3.17
Music P.Kostadinov / K.Dobrev, arranged by K.Dobrev

7.Gayda Beat 3.51
Music P.Kostadinov, arranged by K.Dobrev

8.Harem 5.34
Music K.Genchev, arranged by K.Dobrev

9.Funk Kaval 3.27
Music K.Genchev, arranged by K.Dobrev

10.The Wild One 4.31
Music K.Genchev, arranged by K.Dobrev

11.Oh Ela Ela 6.32
Music K.Dobrev, arranged by K.Dobrev/D.Hristov/S.Pavlov

12.Pustono Ludo i Mlado 5.25
Music traditional, arranged by K.Dobrev

13. Morning 4.49
Music D.Hristov, arranged by D.Hristov/K.Dobrev