How to describe to a blind man the colour red?
How to describe the harmonic beauty and wild passion of balkan beats and sounds?
A fan:
“I can’t imagine any stuff more inspiring, cool, fashionable, deep, traditional, ours, world-class, gentle and charging than the stuff of Bulgara.”


A year after Bulgara was founded in 2002 it won the Askeer Theatre Award for the original music to the theater performance The Divas, after Nikolay Haytov.
The beauty of their music is shared in the film Beyond the Line. Their compositions were noticed by leading jazz figure Milcho Leviev and he invited them as partners in a concert on the Bulgaria Hall prestigious stage.
In 2004 their merits were noticed not only by the Apolonia audience but also by the French music channel MEZZO, which showed a reportage about them.
At the Sofia Music Jam 2004 they warmed up for the concert of David Garfield and the Cats.
In February 2005 the band made a club tour in Hungary, Austria and Germany and presented our country at the world tourist expos in London, Berlin, Kiev and Moscow. And at the beginning of the summer of 2005 the Bulgara musicians turned upside down the ideas of the world-famous ski resort Maribor (Slovenia), rushing the Bulgarian rhythms headlong down the tracks at the Lent festival there.
At the end of 2005 their first-born album Bear’s Wedding came out and sold out a second circulation despite the free Internet access to all the compositions. Eva Quartet and Milcho Leviev were guest musicians at the promotion.
The year 2006 will remain in Bulgara’s records as the richest, studded with participations in all jazz festivals in Bulgaria, where they played on the stage together with Billy Cobham, Human Touch and Milcho Leviev. From the European stages, beside the club concerts, the brightest memory will be left by their single band concerts in Frankfurt and in the world-famous Joe Zawinul Birdland Club in Vienna.
Also unforgettable is the concert of Al Di Meola, which they were honoured with warming up, as well as their single band concerts in Stuttgart, dedicated to our EU accession, in the London Shaw Theatre and their quite recent participation in Bonn to celebrate the reunification of East and West Germany, which made the German audience start a Bulgarian ring dance.


Bear's Wedding - CD, 2006
Bulgara Live - CD, 2012