Bullet Called Life

Bullet Called Life

 Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA

Bullet Called Life is the epitome of Chicago . This four piece group of musicians shows you what it might sound like if Black Sabbath was signed to Motown, liked Wu Tang and came down at night to PInk Floyd.


First there was the Big Bang...

The four men who comprise Bullet Called Life did not desire to come
together but the stars would not allow them to do otherwise.

Then there was the Dark Ages...

Experience in clubs like The Double Door, Elbo Room, Cubby Bear, The
Empty Bottle, Subterranean, and Martyr's have forged them into a sonic force that has been banned in several eastern european nations.

Finally there was Bullet Called Life...

Shows stretching from Wisconsin to Tennessee and appearances on
multiple compilation albums are only the beginning of what will surely
be a global phenomenon.

There will be nothing else.


Self Produced albums
Home Sweet Home
Bullet Called Life
featured on two Green St. Records and one Windy City Records complilation album.

Set List

We have played shows as short as 30 minutes and as long as 4 hours. We have about 18 originals that fill up about 1 hr 45 minutes. We have an arsenal of covers including Whipping Post, Highway Star, Whole Lotta Love, the Wizard, House of the Rising Sun, Sweet Emotion, How Blue Can you Get, Roadhouse Blues, Sympathy for the Devil, The Seeker, Fire, I just Want to make love to you, Born to be wild, and many many more.