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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Up & Coming"

"Judging by only their name, I wrongly wrote off Bullet Club as being a wanna-be Epitaph-circa-1994 punk act. A moment of curiosity, though, made me see the light, and actually listen to what they sound like, which is far from the insulting genre into which I immediately lumped them. They're really heavy and play up the dirty and low side of their garage influences, but the guitars are more innovative than just a few overdistorted chords, often running circles around the bass and giving nods to a more math-inspired sound reminiscent of acts like another underrated local group, the Ruby Doe, or even Fugazi. It's my favorite kind of punk rock—dirty and loud, but a lot less boring than that repetitive shit I listened to when I was 15."
- The Stranger

"3+2=Bullet Club"

"Bullet Club is a band that leaves an impact in whatever they do just by being themselves."

-Kimpunkrock, Disheveled Magazine
- Disheveled Magazine

"Rocka Rolla"

Rocka Rolla
The Stranger
" Another local band that has been not-so-quietly building a following is Bullet Club, the Dischord-informed quartet that blew the doors off the High Dive at Vindaloo's record-release party on August 24. Vocalist/guitarist Matt Krus gets more than his share of comparisons to Fugazi's Guy Picciotto, but his aggressively angular guitar playing and glass-gargling vocals mesh potently with his bandmates' equally relentless delivery and give them a sense of fresh, original tension all their own. They currently have one EP under their belts; a second EP is scheduled for release later this year, and judging from the single track I've heard, they're just getting stronger."
The Stranger (Hannah now writes for the Seattle Weekly)
- The Stranger

"Up & Coming"

" Much like the Ruby Doe, local boys Bullet Club keep the Fugazi fires burning. With tense, terse lyrics and thick, angular math rock blazing in their engines, the band carve out a good little notch for themselves in the Seattle post-hardcore scene."
Music Editor,
The Stranger
- The Stranger

"Strength in Numbers: Highlights from a Post-Grunge Seattle"

Bullet Club wraps up this album with its spastic, algebraic anthems and they’re definitely the heaviest band on the comp. Every instrument is more angular than an octagon and the music is busier than a cracked-up octopus.
The vocals tend to sound as aggressive as Guy Picciotto of Fugazi but more schizophrenic, like Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington. On “Fist in My Mouth” and “Automatic King,” you can almost hear the band ping-ponging between pogoing and rolling in broken glass. Very exciting indeed!

-PAUL GROTH - nadamucho.com


"Red State!" EP
1. Red City
2. One Cut for Every Letter in His Name
3. Wolves are Staring
4. Deadsing

Recorded by Ben Kersten at MRX Studios, Seattle,WA

Mixed and Mastered by Tim Dulany at The Tank, Black Diamond, WA.

Produced by Alex Bruce, Pink On Vinyl Productions, 2005.

In regular rotation at KEXP 90.3 FM, Seattle, as of January 2006. (2+ times/week high profile timeslots) Tracks aired- Red City, One Cut.., Deadsing.

Continuing airplay on KEXP (Feb. '06 - present) 1-2 times monthly.

Aired on KFNK 104.9 FM, Tacoma, (Jan. '06 - Sept. '06) 1-2 times monthly.

Included in KEXP's Music that Matters podcast Vol. 8 and 22, available at kexp.org, and at iTunes.com.


Feeling a bit camera shy


With the release of "Red State!" in late 2005, Bullet Club has officially entered the Northwest music scene with support from the Seattle media. Headlining the first "You Heard it First" series show at Seattle's Crocodile, in October 2005, Bullet Club went on to warm fans of The Ruby Doe at their Seattle Laserdome debut in December.

By January 2006, Red State! was being aired multiple times a week on KEXP 90.3 FM. John Richards, music director of the station and host of the "John in the Morning" show, put Bullet Club's single, "Red City" on KEXP's Music that Matters podcast Vol. 8, the first KEXP podcast featuring nothing but Northwest artists.

On April 8, 2006 Bullet Club performed and interviewed LIVE on KEXP 90.3 FM's Audioasis, hosted by Abe Beeson.

The summer of '06 brought more support from KEXP/KFNK's Lisa Wood, who included Bullet Club in another Music that Matters podcast, Vol. 22, and invited Bullet Club for an in-studio interview at KFNK 104.9FM September 5th.

With continuing support from local and regional media, Bullet Club is currently (Mar '07) recording a second EP, "On the Backs of Bears!", set for an April '07 release.

Since 2003, Bullet Club has welded together the details of rock music that make it so memorable to all of us, Giving fans inventive tastes of Prog Rock, the big smile-inducing riffage of early Metal, the worn-in feel of Garage Rock, and the attack and attitude of Punk. The music is heated, hammered, and folded in pursuit of high art, and then orchestrated in a four-way action-movie gunpoint standoff.