Bulletproof Messenger

Bulletproof Messenger

 New York City, New York, USA

Although unsigned, BulletProof Messenger has shared the stage with artists Incubus, Trapt, Collective Soul and many more. By blending traditional rock elements with electronics and melodic, yet powerful vocals, BulletProof Messenger creates a memorable album but an even more memorable show.


BulletProof Messenger’s music can be described as melodic enough to attract alternative rock fans, though heavy enough to appeal to even metal listeners. Couple this with layers of electronics, powerful vocals, and an intense live show BPM creates a completely new dynamic.

Formed by DJ/Programmer Matt Litwin and Guitarist Voley Martin, BulletProof Messenger underwent a great deal of change before finding their niche. While the duo wrote various tracks together and performed instrumentally for quite some time, finding a solid vocalist was paramount to the success of the group.

Unwilling to compromise the sound with poor vocals, after a grueling three year search for a singer, vocalist Marcus Klavan joined the band. His dedication was immediately evident when he relocated from his home in Maryland to New York.

Immediately following Marcus' incorporation into the group, the band was selected by Incubus to perform as their opening act. This ignited the following year’s touring schedule.

Later that year, the band was selected to perform in the 92.5 KGB FM Clear Channel Battle of the Bands. The band went on to win the competition, turning heads along the way with their newest addition, Drummer Alex Straiter.

Following this success, the band was selected by Collective Soul to be the direct opener for the release of their new album. Just days later, the band was selected by XM Satellite Radio as one of the top unsigned acts in the country and was selected by the band Trapt to open their shows.

After 18 months in pre-production and 3 months in the studio, working with noteworthy individuals such as Tony Dawsey (NIN, Jay-Z, Kid Rock) BulletProof Messenger completed their self-produced debut release, “The Crucial Line”, released in November 2006.

After the release of The Crucial Line, two new members were added to the group: Bassist Jesse Downing (Shootyz Groove), and Guitarist Scott Martin. As a result of these two new members, the sound and live presence of the group were enhanced.

Following the band’s debut release, in mid 2007, BulletProof Messenger was selected from over 3,000 acts world-wide to perform a special showcase for Sellaband at the Gibson Guitar Studios in London. This show attracted the attention of various international music press and greatly increased the bands international following.

In 2008, the group raised 50K from individual investors across the world in order to record their 2nd full length release, the group’s sophomore debut entitled “Arm Yourself” was recorded in late 2008 and released Jan 30, 2009.

Billboard published BulletProof Messenger's announcement of being the first band selected for Sellaband/Arenaworks Entertainment’s “Arenafest 2009”.

Now welcoming new Drummer Vince Gorski III (Regulation Blue), BulletProof Messenger is pushing their live show to the limits including a new stage look as well as a custom light show. Watch for BulletProof Messenger in 2010!!


Wake Up Call

Written By: BulletProof Messenger

Wake Up Call

(Verse 1)
In and out of a waking dream you'll find me here,
Waiting to begin
Attention span of a door knob though
I'll remember when,
You turn me once again

(Pre chorus)
Nothing ever comes in my search for something
So I'll spend my life just waiting for nothing
(Its hard to stop, so ready or not) rep x2
Somethings gotta give in my search for nothing
So ready or not here are the words that are coming

We're so close, but so far
Lookin back this never seemed so hard
But we are, what we are
This is a wakeup call
So stay strong and hold on
We can only take it for so long
Just stand up and stand tall
This is a wakeup call

(Verse 2)
Just like a time bomb looks quite so dull
To an untrained eye
I'm burning a fuse within,
The clock is ticking as time counts down
To alarm you when, my head begins to spin

(Pre Chorus)

Just give me a sign
And show me the way
Please let me stay
Just one more day
So stand up and stand tall
This is a wakeup call


Bring Me To Life

Written By: BulletProof Messenger

Bring Me to Life

(Verse 1)
I don't wanna be left searching for
Insecurities, cause no they don't bring me

(Pre chorus/bridge)
Why say I never will.. cause
In due time I won't be still.. And
I don't need for you to say. Cause
No you don't, cause no you don't bring me..

You don't bring me to life
You won't leave me alone
I don't need you tonight, cause no you don't
No you don't bring me
(Rep 2x)

(Verse 2)
What my eyes have seen, won't take me there
What my head has dreamed,
Cause no it don't bring me





Heavenly Answer

Written By: BulletProof Messenger

Heavenly Answer

(Verse 1)
I won't look down
How in hell did I get here
Its over now
Falling threw the atmosphere
I'm looking back
At all the different things I had
Can't change the fact
I've sealed my fate its iron clad

(Pre Chorus)
I don't believe it now
But there is no way out
Whatever happen to my heavenly answer

I won't look down
Cause I'm leaning over
Its a long way down and there's no way out
I'm such a waste stop now
Cause its already over
When the ledge runs out I will hit the ground
And throw it away

(Verse 2)
Where should I start
Maybe when things fell apart
This choice I made
Ended piercing threw my heart
Though once adored
Things I had they felt ignored
So hard to be
Feeling close but yet so torn

(Pre Chorus)

Stop now, cause its already over
Its a long way down, and there's no way out
When the ledge runs out I will hit the ground
Whatever happen to my heavenly answer

Arm Yourself

Written By: Bulletproof Messenger

This is the way of the bold and the fallen
Breaking our backs on the weight of nothing
Slow as it goes there's no time to expose we
Live in our lives, and pretend it’s alright, and you go

When you start to leave this shelter
Now its time you breathe, you have to…

Arm yourself with the will to react to
The sight of certain death, disaster
Finds its mark on the hearts of the weak and will fold to your strength

Rest on the shore let the end of the world come
Say to yourself well so much for my 401
K now I'm done, and I'm glad I'm the one who
Lived to the end to exact my revenge, you should know

When you start to leave
When its time to breathe
Away from the shelter
With all I am, just understand
I can’t hold any longer


"The Crucial Line" - 2006, Featuring: Bring Me To Life, Wake Up Call, and Best of Me.
"Arm Yourself" - 2009, Featuring: Lose It All, Where We All Belong, and Grand Disaster

Available through:
-CD Baby

Airplay on the following stations:
XM Satellite Radio
92.5 KGB Fm
104.1 FM WWYL
102.3 FM WBAB
90.5 FM WFTU

Set List

-One set of music up to 2.5 hours.

-All music is original with an occassional cover tune.