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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"CD Review"

Rehearsals, practice, everyone playing the same tune at the same time: Who needs it? Hampshire quintet Bullet Proof Pants put their whole sound down to spontaneity, surprise and a general lack of planning ahead. And listening to the three tracks on ‘All Muckin’ Fuddled’, it seems that there’s a lot to be said for keeping it fresh. The ramshackle collection of indie, jazz and funk grooves bristles with more energy than a Lucozade-bingeing wallaby.

Opener “In Your Town” is a richly textured low-slung jangle that comes on like a sunnier Smiths. There are even a few hints of those next generation of daffodil-wavers, Marion and Gene. “Not much sophistication’, claim the band, but there’s sly wit at work here, not to mention a nicely wood-smoked guitar solo.

“Swamp” sees a fuzzy organ and bass groove weave in and out of a gentle storm of shoegazer guitars. And overall there’s a feel here of cuddly ‘80s indie bands like Shop Assistants or The Sugarcubes. It’s the closing “Chanel And A Smile”, though, that sees Bullet Proof Pants at the their most wayward and fascinating. Liquid wah-wah guitar feeds into a dirty cabaret. Then, halfway through, the whole thing plunges into a piano slow-down that reeks of frayed elegance and worn velvet curtains. Planning ahead may be good for car journeys and pensions, but as these songs demonstrate, it’s not always necessary for interesting pop music. - overplay 31.10.06


not yet released anything, have a few tracks cut and we've been on a couple of minority and local radio stations apprently. 6 tunes ready for the world are; in your town, swamp, chanel and a smile, 13 thumbs, all that's missing and mondays without hannh. . they're all different and I hope show some versatility


Feeling a bit camera shy


got together as a covers band for a laugh at a birthday party a few years ago, went down a storm and realised we had 'something' that various pub bands we saw just didn't - that's feedback we had from several different sources. played a few more party and charity bash gigs and decided recently to write and record our own material which has also gone down really well. seems a strange time to embark on a musical career but folks who've seen us have been banging on at us for yonks to do just that. we take making people dance and sing seriously - but not ourselves, if something goes pear-shaped we tend to fall about laughing, even if this makes us some money and gets us well known, when it stops being a laugh, we'll stop playing. we're great friends, and when we get together we have a hoot making folks jump around a dance floor, it's just the best buzz