Bullet Theory

Bullet Theory

 Melbourne, Florida, USA
BandRockCover Band

Bullet Theory are here for one reason and one reason only. To bring the party you have been going to every night up to date! Are you sick of hearing the same old and tired songs at every bar and club you go to? Yeah, we thought so because so are we! We are here to bring you a fresh set of fresh music performed at a professional level for your entertainment!


Consisting of seasoned musicians from various former projects the members of Bullet Theory are getting the job done from the starting line. Performing their first show on August 13th, 2009 as a contestant in Siggy's Battle of the Bands, Bullet Theory dominated the competition and posted the highest score in the history of the preliminaries. Bullet Theory continues to play shows all over Central Florida and continues to grow it's audience with the recent addition of original material to it's continuously evolving live show as well as serving as an opener for national acts including Fuel, One Less Reason, Hinder, and Nine Left Dead to name a few! With the people wanting it and the scene needing it you can rest assured that Bullet Theory will soon be coming to a club near you!

Set List

Set list includes well over 100+ songs chosen from based on Venue/Crowd and other determining factors. We are primarily rock and classic rock based but always try to cater to our audiences wants.