Beating an all new rhythm, BullFighter has been "born-again" albeit bent and gorgeously crooked. From the ashes of Seattles yesterday comes BullFighter, an uneasy feeling you hate to love.


Bullfighter's beginnings start at an art school in the heart of Seattle where singer Deepai Deol and guitarist John Conner met in 2001 and decided to form the band in early 2004. Armed with thundering riffs and tsunami-like vocals they set off to find the perfect combination of talent to complete their Draconian sound. One afternoon in Des Moines, WA Bill Lor sat in on drums for a practice session and from then on has provided the earthquake needed to foundation the pillars of BullFighter. Using various bassists BullFighter set out gigging in 2005 and over the next 2 years battled through some un-imaginable highs and lows until finally meeting Jerry Van Galder at a show late 2006. He soon joined on bass providing the fire needed to complete the "beautiful disaster".

Now, with the chemistry that the band had been seeking since it's inception, they are sent out like disease to provide the masses a sonic- drowning unlike anything ever heard before.


Demo: The Bradford Button Sessions "06"

EP: Six Song Set "07" (coming soon)

Set List

The set list we use for most shows usually consists of 9 songs and is about 45 minutes long. We play all originals and the set list we are currently using is:

1. starving the ghost
2. hot mess
3. the locks
4. bi-curious
5. mercinary
6. too long
7. noble needs
8. many faces
9. street walker