Bullfrog Beatz

Bullfrog Beatz


Bullfrog Beatz is an independent record label from Miami. The collective ranges from show to show according to the ambiental setting. Think DJ mixed beatz with sprinkling of live instruments ranging the likes of percussion, violin, horns, and the occasional theramin. Underground style, never pop.


Bullfrog Beatz is a unique sound with heavy latin influences, reared and jazz, grown up on hip hop, never pop, lots of heavy sampling from sounds you may have heard before. Launched in the grim of downtown Miami, the birthplace an underground artist lair known as Bullfrog Eatz. Musicians gathered to perform their respective art for the love of art. This sound has traveled from Miami, to New York, St. Thomas Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, and some parts unknown.


The Underground

Written By: J.Random

various samples recording on the tube in London.


Bullfrog Beatz Volume 1

Set List

Our sets usually encompass an entire evenings performance without breaks. This unique format is made possible by the DJ opening, playing set breaks, and closing the show. Live performers fluctuate in rotation to enhance the overall show. Very rarely does the music stop for 3-5 hours, even smoke and bathroom breaks are covered!