Bullhonky Deluxe

Bullhonky Deluxe


Bullhonky Deluxe (BHD) is a Flint, Michigan based premier band whose cover music includes a century of classic country, Americana and roots music.


With soulful, vocal driven songs delivered with authority and passion, Bullhonky was hatched out of a deep-rooted love for classic country and roots music by its founding members; Brian Gallagher and Dennis Perkins. Former band mates in the now defunct rock band Mindspeed, Gallagher and Perkins set out to form a powerhouse acoustic duo, with the long haul in mind.

While mixing the old school with the new school, and reaching outside of the box to bring in material that set them apart from the norm, Bullhonky evolved into a three-piece as they crossed paths with drummer Dave Williams (formerly of Blue Rhythm). With like-minded goals and creative interests, Williams and Bullhonky formed an instant bond, and built a broad foundation of material and a rock solid sound. Knowing that what they’d created was something very special, it didn’t take long for the band to decide to take the outfit to the next level. With the addition of lead guitarist and Hall of Shred member Jason Culhane (formerly of Crop Circle), Perkins dug out his Fender bass, dusted off his old amps and the band set off on a new trail as Bullhonky Deluxe.



Set List

Hank, Cash, Haggard, Jimmy Reed, Chet Atkins, The Rolling Stones and Gram Parsons are the roots of their sound. With a strong emphasis on vocal performances, a pure live sound and a tongue-in-cheek attitude, Bullhonky Deluxe delivers engaging sets of material that include covers of everyone from Bob Wills to rockers Collective Soul. A night with this band provides plenty of well-worn, time-tested material for audiences of all ages to dance and sing along with, as well as enough Americana and originals to keep the hipsters coming back for more.