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"Bullistic - Chronicles of Love & Hate"

Newly signed to Richmond, VA’s Backstreet Records, Bullistic recall the heavy hardcore and metal sounds of Pro-Pain. Armed with a debut that features the recording prowess of Jeff Covert and his team at their Grammy-nominated studio in Fredericksburg, VA, Bullistic is set to domineer their way to the forefront of the local Virginia metal/hardcore scene. Vocally they range from melodic crooning reminiscent of old metal to growls and yells that would make any metalhead flash the metal sign. Good stuff and I’m glad to see something like this is right around the corner from me.

- J-Sin - Smother.net

"9/13/05 Bullistic "Chronicles of Love & Hate" Grade: B"

Finally a solid ass-kicking metal band for the 21st Century! Bullistic blend the melody of Alice In Chains with the Bravado of Black Label Society and they churn out some infectious metal on their new release "Chronicles of Love and Hate." Guitarist Ed Savoy plays riffs that groove and propel the songs forward. In addition, the solos on cuts like "Now & Forever" and "Made of Stone" rip and soar. Vocalist Doug Gibson displays a dynamic range of Layne Staley croons "Eulogy" and rage-filled growls "Doomsday Coming." Bullistic excel with their melodic forays "Ignorance & Innocence" which closes the album. The bands raw approach to hard rock is definitely in line with Brand New Sin, but its great to see more bands embracing this form again. However, the cover of Stealers Wheel "Stuck In The Middle" feels out of place in the sequencing of the album and it interrupts the flow of original material. All in all Bullistic, show a lot of promise with a live ready sound and technical talent to back them up. The future will definitely prove bright for Bullistic. - Metal-n-More

"Bullistic - Chronicles of Love & Hate"

The Chronicles of Love & Hate
Posted By: Dave Huffy

This newly signed act has got the guff look to them as if they slam the Jager down in tribute to the biker gods of rock n’ roll and with their debut album “The Chronicles of Love & Hate” you know there’s probably some of that good ol’ pissed off to be alive anger ridden drunkard aggression going on. The name of said act is Bullistic, and they look like they might just do that if provoked, whatever that may be.

Already with the name of a group that is always down for a good fight, this act will surely make its way onto Zack Wylde’s touring schedule at some point. They deliver a more stripped down brand of metal that doesn’t focus much on anything but creating rugged songs that could make you either dive right into this metal appreciated poised group, or merely mistake them for another band of the same attitude. Bullistic’s style can be compared to that of such acts as Dry Kill Logic, early Staind, and Sevendust, but Bullistic can be enjoyed on a level that includes other acts such as Corrosion of Conformity and Down with their underlying rock sound.

This album will shift back and forth making one not really sure what exactly what they are aiming for because at times some songs feel they are just straight to the point heavy with slamming parts then other songs they slow it down and make it all very depressing which in the case of this album will probably be the element that keeps you interested.

Overall “The Chronicles of Love And Hate” will be much enjoyed by listeners of the more simpler caliber of heavy music, the newer styles of it and I will go as far as that without using that particular phrase which should be shunned from the music dictionary.
- Rift Rock.com

"Backstreet Records Goes Bullistic"

Backstreet Records announces it has signed Bullistic of Richmond, VA, to the label. Bullistic will release its new Backstreet album in August 2005 and promote it with a national tour.

While the actual signing took place in February of this year, Backstreet executives chose to hold the announcement until the band was able to complete the recording process.

"Bullistic already has a great fan base and plays a very busy schedule. We felt it best to not apply any more pressure the announcement of their signing during the creative process," says Backstreet Records President Linwood Toombs. "Already a number of radio stations are champing at the bit to get their hands on this release."

Bullistic's Backstreet debut was recorded with Jeff Covert's team of engineers at the Grammy-nominated Wally Cleaver's Recording Studio in Fredericksburg, VA. The recording was mastered by Roger Lian, a mastering engineer for Masterdisk Corp. in New York, NY.
- The Rock & Roll Report

"New Bullistic Release"

Classic metal-heads Bullistic release their new CD, “The Chronicles of Love and Hate,” Aug. 30 through Backstreet Records based in Mechanicsville. The release was mastered by Roger Lian, who worked with Pantera, U2 and Faith Hill at Masterdisk in New York City. Bullistic plans to celebrate the CD with a show at the Canal Club Aug. 13. For an early listen of the new material, log on to www.myspace.com/bullistic. - Style Weekly

"Bullistic - Chronicles of Love & Hate"

Country: USA Genre: Nu-Metal, Stoner/Sludge Metal
Virginia rocking metallers Bullistic are a very new band and this release appears to be their debut. The band is influenced by bands like Pantera, Black Label Society, and Kyuss. They gained the attention of Backstreet Records and the label steps up, with an assist from leading publicist Chipster and leading radio promoter Skateboard Marketing, to give Bullistic maximum exposure.

I knew I was prejudiging Bullistic when I saw their tough guy posturing but I am very impressed. I'm sure people will just say Bullistic sounds like Black Label Society, but it is a high compliment considering the soul and emotion Zakk Wylde puts into his band. Bullistic often play a style of heavy rock that borders on balladry, but it really is used to just intensify the emotion of songs like 'Discarded Soul," "Eulogy," and "Ignorance and Innocence." The heavy rock of a song like "Made of Stone" will get people who are into bands like Borgo Pass, Dirty Rig, and Brand New Sin, pumped. There's also a pretty cool cover of "Stuck in the Middle" and an awesome song called "The Darker Side of Me," which is Bullistic at their best.

Album Score: 8 out of 10
Reviewed by: Brett VanPut

- Basement Bar.com


Eye For An Eye - 2001 Self Release
Afterglow - 2003 Self Release
Chronicles of Love & Hate - 2005 Backstreet Records
Ride the Line - 2007 Backstreet Records



Blue collar beer metal! That’s how the members of the band Bullistic describe their brand of metal. Formed in 2001 and based out of Richmond, VA., the band is comprised of Ed Savoy (guitar), John Davis (bass & vocals), Jon Ward (drums) & former Alabama Thunderpussy singer Johnny Throckmorton (vocals). The band has gone through several major changes over the years in an effort to lock in that magical combination of musicians. The original line up released two albums entitled "Eye for an Eye" (2001) and "Afterglow" (2003) and firmly established Bullistic in the VA music scene. After a drummer and singer change, 2005's "Chronicles of Love and Hate" was released and received instant critical acclaim and charted in the top 10 on the CMJ Loud Rock charts. The band started touring the East Coast and Ohio Valley region and gained some radio & video airplay. 2007's "Ride the Line" was released in August and Bullistic continued concentrating on touring the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic Region. The band has toured and played along side of such bands as Black Sabbath (w/Dio), Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Hurt, Queensryche, Shadows Fall, Metal Church, Drowning Pool, Dark New Day, Nonpoint, Ankla, Silent Civilian, Godhead, Bubblefoot from Guns & Roses, The Burning Brides, Evans Blue, WASP, House of Lords, LA Guns, MOD, Seven Witches, Chris Caffery, Diecast, Bulletboys, Red Right Hand, King's X, Mardo, Adema, Revelation Theory, Alston, Five Bolt Main, Dry Kill Logic, Brand New Sin, Flaw, Alston, Artimus Pyledriver, Fireball Ministry, Nashville Pussy, Marc Rizzo of Soul Fly, Sanctity, Meliah Rage and many more.
2008 promises to be not just a new chapter for the band, with the addition of lead singer Johnny Throckmorton & drummer Jon Ward, but a big step forward. The band is writing a new album and expect to release it this summer. Stay tuned, it's about to turn up to eleven!