Bringin' it Texas-style. Let your freak flag fly.


Q. What do you get when you combine hard driving guitars with punch–you-in–the-eye attitude?


Originally formed in Dallas, TX in 2005, BULLITT's band members are collectively from all over the U.S. and this band has many years of individual touring and recording experience that definitely shines through in their powerful live show. Their style is reminiscent of pure hard edged rock & roll and they make no apologies for where they are going…or where they’ve been for that matter!

BRINGIN' IT BULLITT STYLE! Shannon Cobb is not the voice of reason, but definitely the voice. His powerful, straight-forward approach and smooth articulate style sets him apart from most other vocalists in the rock genre. Skot cuts an unapologetic simplistic blast of sound from his Les Paul’s and Marshall’s along with Jon Clark's rhythms and textures to complete the thought. Their raw, sonic tones are perfectly crafted to deliver an unforgettable performance long after the show has ended confirming their place in the minds of rock & roll fanatics. “Rolling thunder” is a good place to start when describing the rhythm section for BULLITT. It is comprised of multiple label endorsee and veteran skin smasher April Samuels, who has no equal in the “hard-hitting, mind-numbing, chick drumming(TM)” category. Combine that with the ground pounding bass of Lee Autry, who has yet to meet a crowd he didn’t love, and you have a band that can go the distance with the best of the best.


EP (Released Aug 2008)

Set List

1. Get Up
2. Messiah
3. Pale Horse
4. Working Man
5. Long Way From Dead
6. The Motion
7. Forget About You
8. Balls on a Chain
9. Ticket to Nowhere
10. My Disaster
11. So High
12. Crush
13. Tear It Down
14. Everything
15. Bleed

1. Kashmir
2. Jail Break
3. Bloodletting