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Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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Squared Wheels (Hang the Dj)
Love or Die (Bcore, 2012)
Talk it Over (BCore 2010)
To Many Things (BCore 2013)



Life is full of small details that make everyday worth getting out of bed, wait for new surprises, and value every smile you cross and maintain a positive mental state. Grab the bull by its horns. Of course, if you live in Sant Feliu de Guxols its easier to do all this: it must be awesome to live in your own Chapel Hill, be friends with No More Lies, pick up some chips from El Corsario or go for a walk down the boardwalk. Then pop down to the rehearsal studio with your mates and disappear into the type of music youve always loved to listen to and do.

Bullitts music doesnt search for new channels to express itself; it just looks for the most natural and honest road possible. Their albums (up to now that is) have always given a positive, sincere and vibrant energy (Lucky, Live Unafraid, See the Light) without hiding from that mature and melancholic touch. One could even feel jealous of these four guys: Its impossible to listen to their music without feeling happy for being alive, and that especially in these times- means a lot.

The foursome from Sant Feliu still conserve the same identities that made listening to their earlier albums a pleasant experience. Rock n Roll impeccably carried out and full of melodies in debt with hard-core and emo bought to us direct from the mid nineties, and that are part of the bands DNA. The honesty and freshness with which Bullitt combine these elements in this moment of time is really surprising.

Some of their songs standout for their melodic part while others have a more rock sound (The Hellacopters for example). As it already happened with Love or Die (2010) the band make you forget that there was a Jawbox, Aina or The Promise Ring. A solid rhythmic base, a fine work of art with the guitars and a superb vocal job by Xavier Calvet (related to the best Alkaline Trio or The Unfinished Sympathy), Bullitt add a surprising approach to a more commercial type of rock (Foo Fighters or Gaslight Anthem) that make them even more irresistible, truly risking in the land of production and arrangements (yet again we can feel Santi Garcas touch) they have incorporated violins and keyboards.

This duality between melody and more rock rhythms was already present in their earlier albums, but its in So Many Ways (a title that makes clear their search for heterogeneity) where Bullitt give their best, giving us their most calm song to the day (Lucky) and their most energetic one (Headblower). A great collection of songs, rhythms and melodies that stick in your head and your heart for days, and that perfectly picks up the energy that the group let loose at their live concerts.