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"These girlz Rock!"

“These girlz rock! Anita and Theresa have a great harmony, Marty lays down a fat bass line, and Bev drives the beat with the best of them, even after a couple of pitchers. Boasting a former Marine AND a former Sailor, the military should be at every show. They're debut CD is being pressed as you read, so you'll hear them soon on here. You can catch them just about every weekend somewhere in Hampton Roads, where the CD will be available as well..”-www.tidewaterrocks.com - Ed Rocker-Tidewater Rocks

"These girls are back!"

“Bully is back! The girls sent me a new 3-song demo that demonstrates how much they've improved since last year, especially in the vocal department. Their grungy sound is still intact - the sound is much more "produced" than on their previous demo, but in a way that accentuates, not distracts from, what makes 'em good. ………….. This is a good band, folks. Hopefully there'll be an official commercial release soon that I can rave about. For now, visit www.bulleez.com www.normanfamous.com - Norman Famous

"New Demo is Cool"

“I checked out the cd and the quality is a lot better. Your demo rocked though, so did this.
The first track sounded Tool-ish, I dug it, although of the three it was the one I got into the least. I think track two was my fav, it definitely rocked pretty solid. I would imagine people tell you that track 3 is the one they like the best. The breakdown and the quicker singing make it pretty catchy, breakdowns are always cool! I enjoyed it, I will definitely pop it in from time to time. (that is a good thing, I have like 1000 cds, and my one roommates combined probably have about 4000, it is hard to get into our rotation)………………...”
- Steve Olsen- Former Discmakers


Bully-EP 2003
Bully-Season of Chaos 2005



While the majority of female bands continue to follow the mainstream pop and punk genres, Bully establishes themselves in the grunge/hard rock category. Since their emergence in December of 02’, they have expanded their audience from locally to globally. Bully, is a band with dedication and drive, yet still maintains respect towards others and a “down to earth” attitude. As a result, they have developed close relationships with all their fans, colleagues, and business contacts. The band is also involved in the community by participating in local benefits and supporting other local artists. They have performed in festivals and venues from Massachusetts to Florida, and continue to broaden their horizons. Bully is an all-female rock band with true potential.

The past two years have turned out to be busy and ground-breaking for Bully. In 2004, they added The Norva, one of Hampton Road’s most popular venues, to their list of places performed. In 2005, they participated in one of New England’s biggest events, Locobazooka!!, sharing the stage with national acts such as “Disturbed”, “Drop Kick Murphy’s”, and “Ill Nino”. This year, Bully has plans to tour the Southeast and much more. With Bully, you never know what is in store next.

Some have compared them to Black Sabbath and Drain STH. With influences from so many different genres of music, Bully creates a sound that is hard to pinpoint. Their willingness to experiment, and their diverse influences have resulted in a flavorful set mix. Many of Bully’s songs reflect more classic metal- the days of heavy and edgy guitars, melodic harmonies, and dark, angst-driven ballads. Although they ultimately aim to play all original music, they know a few crowd pleasing covers as well.