Bully Hammer

Bully Hammer


We just call ourselves 'Rock n Roll' and let everyone else worry about labels. Our influences include the giants from the 70s...Queen, Zeppelin, Bowie...to LA punk and NY glam.


When two SoCal punks meet two NY rockers in the country music capital of Nashville TN .... BullyHammer.

Bassist Pat Millius, Drummer Todd Henry, Guitarist Vin Amorando and Vocalist/Guitarist/Writer Marc Richards, seasoned veterans of the punk, hard rock, acoustic and tribute bands, ignore the Nashville tradition of 'having' to play country to make a living while wishing they could rock. BullyHammer does what it does and worries about the paycheck afterward.

Drawing inspiration and influence from Queen, Led Zeppelin, LA punk, NY glam and anything with great melodies and great guitar, BullyHammer is a nod to the greats with a relevance to the now, as evidenced by the torrent of praise coming in from fans appreciative of the 'old school' Rock n Roll sound.


Songs shortly to be available on iTunes.

Set List

We can hit your crowd hard with an 7 song wallop in 30 minutes or fill out an hour or more of all originals though we've been known to thrown in a classic cover if we think the crowd would appreciate it.