bullying ben jones

bullying ben jones

BandHip HopSoul

Banging beats, clever lyrics, original concepts, in this misogynistic get money world we steer clear & drive in our own lane. But beep beep mo fo's "we rock like rush, sicker than thrush, we so a'ight peeps wanna use our toothbrush" "ya know cause we spit hot fire, he he", scream at us, paaaace!


After being in & working with other groups Apryl, Clifton & G. decided to form "bullying ben jones". With each member bringing a different feel like Apryl with her readiness & ability to flip tracks from classic cats like "A Tribe Called Quest", "Hall & Oats", "Run Dmc", "Talking Heads" to contemporary ones such as "Mos Def", & "The Ting Tings" influencing her tracks & cuts, she brings a nice flare to the tables & production. Clifton is a hip hop head, he could name that beatbox or rhyme in 2 spits or mic cups. Dj Premier is his idol, main influence, man crush. But don't get it twisted he's quick to rock out to some "Andrew WK", "Jamiroqui" or "Weezer" so with that in mind your gonna get some kick drum heavy, melodic tracks with nice energy. G. Benjamin is the main writing force behind this trio, with topics ranging from shitty bartenders & patrons, men not thinking with their little heads, indulging in smoke (okay that one's cliched) to politics, just kicking it or love, he keeps it fresh & witty. With influences ranging from "Sting/The Police", "Tribe", "Van Halen not Van Hagar", "Dixie Chicks (for dope songs & shit talking)", "The Foo Fighters" & for real you might find a couple pop divas in his itunes playlists (come on it takes a real man to admit he rocks out to "Toxic") so he pulls from a deep bag of styles & isn't afraid to broach any topic. Don't be surprised if you hear him sanging (not singing) a song or two. So basically it's a bunch good 'ish' rolled in a big blu........oh snap I mean, spread out like lines on the.......oh snap i mean thrown in a pot, boiled, then simmered, then fermented, then served over ice, candlelight & a crowd of rowdy mofo's in your living room.


Currently working on debut album "the cool table", but did production & performed on "da muttss" "conersations over blunts, blacks, sodas & brews" & "the sophomore slump"

Set List

2. slurp
3. a view from a bush (the creepy guy song)
4. white trash
5. kang
6. go insane (cover lindsy buckingham)
7. fashoff
8. miss understanding
9. bartender
10. live
11. beer & weed
12. christmas
13. it's early
14. penny
15. rap uniforms
16. saturday