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Our music is Fun, Out of left field, full of energy and has great content.


BullyMouth is a group that came together from an era of hip hop that was on its way out. When underground hip hop was gettting boring, and mainstream was "being mainstream", we came together and started to make music that was fitting to what WE feel. There's no doubt that we were influenced by the "Golden Era" of hip hip (as are most Kids who grew up in the 90's), but we also have an influence that comes from the great rock era of the 60's. Our music takes from the 60's rock the attitude and "natural influences" that created the new sounds you heard from greats like Jimmy Hendrix and Janis Joplin. What we took from our hip hop influences were the Grimey BUT very intricate beats, and the ability to write meaningful lyrics. With a top 10 independent release in '05 with the single titled "Rock Music" we took the momentum of the release and were able to do over 250 shows in 3 years including a gig on the Vans Warped Tour, and a tour with Mr. Len(Company Flow). We are not your average hip hop group, and we are proud of it. With a list of respect from many established artist in the game. We leave shows proud to know that the crowd heard something they have never heard before, and enjoyed every last minute of it.


Fly on Paper

Written By: Daniel Joseph

Let him be what he want to (plus) two be 4.


Rock Music 12 inch vinly b/w Finger Paint
Lemonade (digital release)
7am angel (digital release)
8 Zero Kids(digital release)
Steady Heavy Rock featuring Pumpkin Head and Poisen Pen (Digital release)
Fly On Paper (digital release)

All of our tracks receive heavy rotation on college and independent radio in the NY metro area.

Set List

Our set list varies. We usually do songs that we feel will be comfortable for the crowd to listen to. Depending on the type of show, location, and size of the crowd.

A typical set for BullyMouth is anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. That number is usually based on where we are playing at and for.