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"Bult reviewed in Close-Up Magazine!"

The Bult/Iamus split was reviewed in the latest number, #124, of the Swedish Metal Magazine Close-Up. Bult received a 7 out of 10!
“It is undeniable a good climate for domestic, independent music at the moment… Bult makes an entrance on the scene with a beautifully packaged split-single. The Gothenburg quartet Bult opens with three tracks of hard, angular and crushing music in line with bands such as: Anodyne, Botch and Kruger. The most impressive track is Not Human that displays a peculiar back-and-forth groove with a constant movement forward. 7/10” - Daniel Johansson

"Bult impresses agian!"

"Somewhat stressed out, I left the Chimaira show at Brew House for Henriksberg, and made it just in time to see the gig with Bult. Last time I saw Bult, their lineup was totaly new and the band felt slightly tentative. This time everything is in place. Many bands in their genre, technical metalcore, do not always succeed in delivering on stage. Bult, on the other hand, manages to nail their material live as well as performing it in a confident manner while putting the pedal to the metal and having a blast! I hope to see them again soon. Listen up Bookers, book Bult!"

(In swedish)
- Loudfarmer - Karlotto Winroth

"A review in Goteborgs-Posten of "This Empty Flesh""


If a contest for the most expressive band name was ever held, I am convinced that Bult would have a good chance to be at the top of the podium. Calling your unyielding heavy metal band Bult is excellent, listen and you'll understand. Thick heavy metal that hits you like ... that's right, a bolt in your forehead. You can hear that the quartet has been around for a while and have played together a lot; they have the clarity and certainty and not least the power you'll get by diligent rehearsing. And that means that their blend of 70's hard rock and modern metal really kicks. Surely a real powerhouse on stage and even and old synthpop fan like me feel like headbanging. - Daniel Claeson, Goteborgs-Posten's demo critic

"Band of the month!"

"Fierce intensity from the music capitol - Gothenburg. Technical metal on full speed. Can they do what's on their site live I would like nothing more than to see Bult. 'Fisticuffs' sticks immediately as one of my speakers vibrates down to the floor. Martin Brzezinski growls like a psychotic sergeant. Band of the month no question about it. Don't miss their 4-track EP which is out now."

Swedish Slitz magazine, the august issue 2009 - Mats Drougge

"Review in Slavestate.se (English)"

The review of This Empty Flesh, from one of Swedens biggest webzines.

Translation by: Filip Svensson

A short and concise band name has it’s benefits. For instance, it sure helps when trying to remember what band you just listened to. If the name, besides letting the mob actually remember it, also succeeds in communicating even a shred of what the music performed is all about, another star is rewarded. Even if the Gothenburg based quartets chosen name, Bult (Swedish word for bolt), is simple in its monosyllable form it reflects a lot of what awaits on their latest EP entitled “This Empty Flesh”; it’s hard, twisted with precision, uncompromising and honed down to the smallest detail. However, it some times tends to adapt a much too rigid and predictable form. Leaving the stoner rock behind, Bult is completely devoted to their dissonant and progressive hardcore; something that seem to be what the band has always been intending to.
Having relieved 50 percent of the crew, Martin Andreasson (guitar) and Cristian Sigurdson (drums) have gained company by the new recruits Martin Brzezinski (vocals) as well as Filip Svensson (bass). The pieces finally fit together. The four-color image that appears is one of a broken ground, painted with technically advanced fury and stylized aggression, where acts such as Burst, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Neurosis serve as background. In the golden section we find, if somewhat blurred, the brushwork of Mastodon and August Burns Reds thoughtful cousin from the country as counterpart. The advanced technical level of the material as well as their aptitude for progression is what saves Bult from being sucked in to the maelstrom of metal core arrangements. Bult may borrow from this and that, but it is not an altogether used suit they wear. With a little craftsmanship along with some joyous creativity, it is only a matter of time before it is all tailor made and given an identity of its own.

- Lars Ekenryd


2009 - This Empty Flesh EP (HoboRec)
2010 - Bult/Iamus Split (HoboRec)
2011 - Amidst The Throng EP (HoboRec)



Influenced by Mastodon, Architects and Between the Buried and Me, as well as Sweden's own Meshuggah, Bult performs a progressive metal/hardcore with equal parts explosive energy as finely tuned musician ship. On stage, Bult delivers a ferociously energetic live show that leaves you with the odd sensation of getting your head smacked and liking it.

The band has previously existed in various constellations, guitarist Martin Andreasson and drummer Cristian Sigurdson has been a part of Bult from the get go, but not until Jonas (vocals) and Sam (bass) joined in the year 2010 the Bult we know today took form.

Voices about Bult: "... Bult is excellent, listen and you'll understand" Goteborgs-Posten, Bult impresses" - www.loudfarmer.com, "Bult impresses again" - www.loudfarmer.com, "...outstanding! Tight, interesting and performed with authority" - Slavestate.se, "Band of the month, without a doubt" - Slitz Magazine, "After head banging through a Bult show, you will have induced Parkinson's disease on your self" - www.spena.net

The outcome of their latest visit to the studio is available at: