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Pollution, crime rates, Mayoral scandal, and economic despair aren’t the only headlines spewing from the Motor City. Bump leads the charge of exhilarating new music from the Motor City. Compared to the likes of The Flaming Lips, Pink Floyd, and Yes, Bump is making it via a refreshing DIY approach that is drawing legions of fans across the country.

Bump recently went into the studio to record their second full-length album, first since 2006’s “Incredible Consequence.” In progress, the band is set to squash any pre-conceived ideas of what is “The Bump Sound.” Armed with the help of co-producers Dan Currie, formerly of Rustbelt Studios (Kid Rock, Eminem, and The White Stripes), and Josh Epstein of The Silent Years, Bump prepares to release 10 new songs later this fall.

While many would be self-conscious or discomfited with wearing the badge “New Detroit Band,” Bump wears it proudly, preaching their gritty roots through their unique brand of intelligent art rock. Not only has the band embraced their hometown, Detroit has reciprocated, coming out in masses in support of Detroit’s largest underground act. Their annual Thanksgiving Eve show at the Majestic Theatre is an annual sell out.

With an unrelenting touring schedule and over 700 shows played, Bump continues to turn heads throughout the country.


“The first time that I heard Bump was when they were featured on the Howard Stern Radio show. They had covered one of my songs (“Restless, Restless”) and I remember Howard remarking that he couldn’t believe such a badly written song could sound so beautiful and it’s true. Bump are such accomplished musicians and arrangers that just about anything they perform sounds incredible. When you combine that talent and their great songwriting, you end up with one of the best albums of the year…and they’re great live too!”
- Vinnie Favale, Vice President CBS Late Night

“From their very first show here, Bump has produced the results that make music fans and club owners happy. We've now established two traditional shows every year with them - one on Good Friday and one on Thanksgiving Eve. This year's Thanksgiving Eve show topped them all - a great, capacity crowd in our big room, the Majestic Theatre, and a great set of music (augmented by their own stellar light show) by Bump. Besides working hard on stage and in the studio, the Bump team excels in promoting their shows actively, plastering this city with well-designed posters and selling a significant amount of tickets in advance. And their dynamic shows leave everyone excited about their next appearance.”
- Greg Baise, Talent buyer for Majestic Theatre – Detroit, MI

“Bump is one of those bands that sneaks up on you and slowly gets your finger tapping and eventually transforms you from a calm and collective individual to a maniac on the dance floor, oh maybe this just happens to me, but it seems like everyone else is enjoying this show immensely. This band puts on a show no matter how many people are in the room and have been packing the dance floor since their very first play here. If you want to have a guaranteed good time, Bump is the way to go.”
- Jay Bianchi, Talent buyer/Owner – Dulcinea’s 100th Monkey, Quixotes, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, and Oriental Theater – Denver, CO


"Buy Your Way Out"

Written By: Bump

Why are there so many people who say there is no order without inequality?

You’ve got to play the game with the hand that your dealt,
Easy to say when you’re not overwhelmed:
With the burden of living a life that’s not your own

Mind the demand of those on the thrown
Beat about ‘till you buy your way out
Sometimes I wish that I had it worse

Working for nothing just to reimburse
Why should they listen to someone like me?
Someone who seems to have been given everything

You’ll owe the man until your life is done
Plow your way to the midnight sun
Who needs a dream when you can’t find a job

Because too many have a head start while others are running
The opposites are the ones you are shunning
Beat about ‘till you buy your way out

Even when you acquiesce you’ll have to re-surrender and give away your splendor

The more you try to justify the farther the position and soon you’ve lost your mission


Written By: Yorg Kerasiotis

You came into the world, you wanted everything
You knew nothing but love and that is what you received
You lent a helping hand to those who helped you
And they assisted with anything you needed too
But somewhere down the line, something started to go wrong
You began to realize that you might be a lucky one

You saw different people in different places
Making different gestures with their different faces
You started to weep, you stared to question
These people were becoming more of an obsession
You see them on the news, you see them on T.V.
You see them in the papers and it hurts to see ‘em suffering
You see them while you drive, you see them on the street
You see them every time you try to find something to eat

You feel them in your heart, it’s tearing at your soul
It’s breaking you to pieces cause it’s something you can’t control
You see them advertised, it’s becoming subliminal
You see them so much you start to think it might be normal
But that is where you’re wrong, yes that is your mistake
Somebody somwhere’s payin somebody a lot of money to make sure you think that way
Somebody thinks it’s fine, that’s the way it’s got to be
But that somebody has a face that people never see

So now you’re giving up, you got problems of your own
You can’t even find time to make money and pay off all them loans
You’re living for yourself and all the ones you love
To make sure they have a better life than you when you are done
You’re finally getting old, you’re losing all your strength
You’ve come to terms with life and you think you’ve found your place
You’ve done a good job, a better one than most
Relied upon the wisdom of the father, son, and holy-ghost

So now you can rest cause it’s better than it was
Freedom will conquer and that’s all that you can dream of
Stop fooling yourself, stop living in the dark
Cause we are still young and we are still strong
We see them on the news, we see them on T.V.
We see them in the paper and it hurts to see ’em suffering
We see them while we drive, we see them on the street
We see them every time we try to find some kind of peace

"A Million Reasons Why"

Written By: Bump

What if there’s another place for me to get my kicks
I’m talking ‘bout a destination free from all the tricks
You know what I am speaking of don’t try and tell me know
I feel your resistance there has been a lapse of flow

There’s too many wars
There’s got to be something more

What if there’s another feeling that the drugs forget
They’ve had lots of good Ideas but their minds are set
I’ve heard that there’s only so much time that they can waste
Even all of the best delicacies lose their taste

There’s too many wars
There’s got to be something more

I can still recall the gentleness of fall
I guess that’s why I stay and hold the weight
Must I still remind my soul of better times?
Trust me once more like you did so many times before

Close your eyes find the meaning behind
That quick moment when you lost your life
If you went there on a brighter day
The same ones that often fall away

I may have been tempted by my mood
The way I feel sometimes is misconstrued
Illumination sometimes hides the wrong
Cherub’s beauty can be hindered by fog

Now compare that feeling to the one unknown
Was it just an empty dream or does it hold
Take the time to understand your role

I think that you will find a million reasons why you’re stuck inside


2006 - Incredible Consequence
2004 - The Heart of Cadillac Square (EP)

Set List


Bump Songs - Originals:

A Million Reasons Why
Back Door
Bells On
Blues Away
Buy Your Way Out
Concrete Lullaby
Covert Control
Country Mile
Darker Version of Me
Don't Be the Sunrise
Either Or Neither
Emigrant Valley
Fat Ass
Feeback (Nadz in Cmaj)
I Must Say
Injustice (old version)
Journey into Night
Keep It Close
Last Chance
Let You Go (old)
Let You Go
Moonlight Song
Mystical Zen
Out of Reach
Papoose Lake
Part A
Part E
Return to S-4
S-4 Reprise (old)
Sonny Kind
Sooner or Later
The Deep
The More I See
The Stork
The Venus Cataclysm
This Far
Ultraviolet Radio
Vapor Eyes
Wait A Minute
Wasteland (old)
What's On Your Mind
Why Are We Surrounded By Mountains?