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"They're not bad."

They're not bad. - Any local booking agent

"The BUMP cd is great!"

The BUMP cd is great! - Lance Morrison (bassist for Don Henley)


Debut CD released July, 2006. The CD was recorded in July of 2005 at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA with their producer, Carl Verheyen (guitarist for the band Supertramp and A-list movie and television session musician).

Blatant "name drop" - the CD was recorded in the very same room where the Counting Crows and the Wallflowers recorded their biggest albums. Not to mention, tracks for Prince's "Purple Rain" were recorded there as well.



What has BUMP done that’s different/special?
(a.k.a. “Here’s where we ‘name-drop’ all over the place.”)

In 2005, the band was offered the opportunity to go out to Hollywood to record their debut CD with Carl Verheyen (A-List L.A. television & movie session guitarist, and guitarist for the legendary band, Supertramp) producing.

The band recorded at Sunset Sound Studios – the same studio where Paul McCartney, Led Zepplin, The Rolling Stones, Cheryl Crow, and hundreds of other legendary artists have recorded. Not to mention it’s the same studio where all of the albums by the Doors and David Lee Roth-era Van Halen were recorded. BUMP was even fortunate enough to record in Studio 3 where Prince recorded tracks for “Purple Rain” and The Wallflowers recorded their Grammy-winning album, “Bringing Down The Horse”. If they’re able to do all that, they’ve gotta be doing things right.

So, what about their LIVE shows? Unlike ANY other band out there (that we know of), BUMP actually gives the audience their songlist of tunes and essentially takes requests all night. This way, NO ONE can say that the band didn't play the music that the crowd wanted to hear.

Their alter-eggo (yes, we said "eggo") is SingWithTheBand where the audience is invited and encouraged to come up and sing karaoke with a LIVE band. For a lot more info including a ton of photos, please visit: www.SingWithTheBand.com

The band has been through too many club screw-ups where the club books the band to play "rock" but the crowd wants nothing but "dance/party" tunes. Simply put, BUMP gives the people what THEY want.

What the club owners want is to sell drinks. What they hire the band for is to keep the crowd drinking and to keep the crowd drinking for as long as possible. That’s why BUMP does not take breaks! (Okay, maybe a quick run to the john about halfway through the show, but that's pretty much it.)

Even the best of bands lose a crowd when they give them the opportunity to go home. If the crowd is having a great time, they won’t go home unless they have to go. When you give the crowd a break from the fun (especially after about 11:30pm) it gives them time to think that they should get going and the perfect opportunity for them to say ‘bye’ to their friends during the lull in the show. BUMP doesn’t give them the opportunity. This theory has been tested, this theory has been proven.

If the band is booked for a 4-hour show, the venue will get just under four full hours of music, laughs, and all-around solid entertainment. Literally, more "band for your buck"!