Bums Lie

Bums Lie


An upbeat ska and reggae party band that will make you dance your ass off with their incredible sound!!


Bums Lie is a band that was started out of a love for music that not only makes you feel good, but also leaves the listener with a sense of substance. In May of 2001 Bums Lie was beginning to take shape and four friends were brought together armed with a Urban reggae sound and a punk attitude. Within a year and a half Bums Lie was opening for reggae legends Culture, and shortly thereafter released their underground classic album First Time Offender. Bums Lie has since opened up for Grammy award winning artist Damien Marley at The Music Farm in Charleston, Sc, and Yellowman at Ziggys in Winston Salem, NC. May 26th 2007 marked the day that Bums Lie released their newest CD Why Lie It's For Beer with Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording, and will be touring throughout the southeast playing shows to promote the new CD


Why Lie It's for Beer

Set List

2 or 3 45 minute sets