Bum Wealthy

Bum Wealthy

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus Ohio's best kept secret, thought-provoking lyrics coupled with thrill-provoking rythyms that keep you -off- the edge of your seat and on the edge of your heels in groove-induced boogiephoria


Bum Wealthy are a group of seven guys from Columbus, Ohio interested in living life to the fullest with what they’ve got and spreading good times and great tunes along the way! From rogue guitar riff heavies and articulate mandolin sprinkles written by Steven Roumeliote through the organ screamers penned by Seth Lockard, Bum Wealthy’s first album, Bumpercrop (September 2008) incorporates elements from blues, funk, jazz, reggae and rock genres. Bum Wealthy’s upcoming album, Kicks from the Curb (Summer 2010) promises to excite listeners with an enormous sound, funky beats, and intentional use of the band’s diverse instrumentation.

The band draws influence from a wide variety of musicians, preferring to juggle genres and cater to all audiences: Funk, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Metal, Bluegrass, Afrobeat, Psychedelia, Hiphop, and even Middle-Eastern. Bum Wealthy has shared shows with such notable acts as Keller Williams, Ekoostik Hookah, Badfish (a tribute to Sublime), Assembly of Dust, and many of the prominent central Ohio bands, performing outside at festivals like Ohio’s Shamy Bash, Something Fantastic, Peace Through Music, Comfest, Nelson’s Ledges, and Hempfest and inside in intimate coffee houses and bars and larger venues like Columbus’ Newport Music Hall.

Bum Wealthy's sound is entirely its own: a sonic melting pot of seven distinct personalities’ musical upbringing, influences, and experimental ideas. The energy and the spontaneity Bum Wealthy brings to live performances has fans of all types of music scrambling back to hear more.


Bumpercrop-debut Album 2008
Curbside Creations
Central City Recording
Available on http://www.last.fm/music/Bum+Wealthy

Set List

Bum Wealthy typically plays 1 - 2 hr sets in 3-band shows at clubs and bars, with an occasional 5 hr solo show every few months. A comprehensive list of all the songs we play those not notated (___) are original works.
1. 4 on 6 (Wes Montgomery)
2. Acting on impulse
3. Alarm
4. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Intro)
5. All We’ve Missed
6. Anarchist Baby
7. Bails of Cocaine (Reverend Horton Heat)
8. Barney Miller Theme
9. Beavis and Butthead theme
10. Beneath the Meteor Showers
11. Benny Hill theme
12. Big Kids Don’t Play (Grand Puba)
13. Big River (Johnny Cash)
14. Big Spike Hammer (traditional)
15. Blackberry Blossom(traditional)
16. CKY
17. California Dreamin’ (the mammas and the Pappas)
18. Cantina Jam
19.Caught in the Turnstiles
20. Couldn’t Stand the Weather (Stevie Ray Vaughn)
21. Country Death Song (the Violent Femmes)
22. Date Rape (Sublime)
23. Deep Bananna Blackout Tease
24. Dub Cantina
25. Divinities Lost
26. Early to Bed (Morphine)
27. Espionage