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JUNK! Rai Trade/Chiara Sun Music 2002
LISCA DI PESCE Camion Records/Chiara Sun Music dist. Sony 2005 listen:http://www.caponebungtbangt.com/Ecdliscadipesce.htm
SU DI NOI - Camion Records/Chiara Sun Music dist. Sony 2006
6 Camion Records/Chiara Sun Music dist. Sony 2007)



Let's take seven musicians and let's try to let them play in an unusual way!
BungtBangt is a very big team with the passion for music and the purpose to amuse people shocking them with a lively and groovy sound created by the leader Maurizio Capone , totally supported by the strength and the energy of his musicians.
This project was born few years ago with the idea of going away from standard ways of playing and that's just for this reason that Capone decided to look for tools that could play as good as normal instruments can do.
The music is created with waste products that become instruments, every kind of objects that live again transformed into real instruments:
piece of wood mounts with 4 elastics for tailor substitute double bass, classic broom mounts with an elastic band play as an electric guitars, polystyrene box with 5 elastic bands play as an harp, plastic garbage / can big metal /can metal sheet replace a real drums set, loops played with big metal can / plastic garbage/ can / pots / metallic pipes, a spanner set becomes and plays as a vibraphone , different sized pans, pieces of recycled wood all enriched by hand beating and energetic sounds coming from their physical expressions.

Capone is a singer and a songwriter too. The lyrics are full of deep messages. The music is a mix of funk, hip hop, reggae, soul, techno, tribal and Neapolitan style. There is no band that sounds like that!

BungtBangt had played in festivals, theatres, Tv shows and RadioNetworks in ironical, amusing, amazing and harmonically way to let people fly in a no-borders journey around the world. This is just to show that music cannot be do in usual standards but they can be used to let our imagination and art take different directions and cultures.
Also they went abroad in Tokyo, in Cuba, in Switzerland where the project was very much appreciate.

1999 – Stemming from a jointed idea by Maurizio Capone , the leader of the group , November 1999 gives birth to the BungtBangt project.
Capone , along with seven Neapolitan percussionist start a sound research Lab that focus all of its energy into transforming, perfecting and adapting junk/found object into instruments, following their belief that every object has a sound, a voice.
The work consist into building/assembling, according to playing capabilities; wood plastic, rubber and metal discards to create instruments .

2000 – Friday March 31, opens in Napoli their first show : ‘BungtBangt: percussionists at the junkyard’. Follows the first Italian tour in a lot of Italian cities and prestigious Festivals. The critics and the public reacts favourably to this show structured as a research into the feel and sound of the urban environment.

2001 – The project goes on and finds ulterior development. Capone starts the first recording to release a cd of the gig. Contemporarily the group is preparing a new show that leaves behind the theatrical connotations, and verges more and more clearly into the concert realm. In the month of June starts the ‘BungtBangtStreetTour’ more than thirty concerts around Italy with audiences of 60.000 people .

2002 – The group is given charge to realize the radio jingle for the 13th edition of the music author’s festival of Recanati. A single called ‘Bungt & Bangt’, produced by Gigi De Rienzo is chosen for the task.
In the June starts the ‘BumBumTour’, the third for the group.
In July they are given a prize for ‘irony and originality’ existing in their work, by the ‘Massimo Troisi Award’.
In August the second single is realised: ‘Uaiò’ by Capone, in duo with the Cuban pop singer Patrix.
In September they realize a particular version of ‘Caravan Petrol’ for the first edition of the ‘Renato Carosone Award’ of Napoli.
At the end of November comes out ‘Junk!’, the first album produced by Chiara Sun Music and Rai Trade, and distributed by Edel Italia.

2003 – Still winter, starts a long radio-television tour of Italy. The group is many time guest of Italian e satellite TV Programs, playing live at radio programs . A really success!
In spring the video for ‘Uaiò’ ( from the album ‘Junk!’) is produced, directed by Francesco Patierno. Then the summer tour starts in Lugano ( Switzerland ). During the periods another prize touch their way: ‘Focus Award’ for creativity and intelligence.
Along with Gilberto Gil and Lucio Dalla they are invited to the ‘Caruso Award’, on Rai Uno TV, as representatives of the new musical scene in Italy. They share the stage with known musicians such as Jamiroquai, Tambourus du Bronx, Taiko Drums, etc.

2004 – In January Capone went to Cuba, supported from Cuban Culture Department to start a stage for the Cuban children using only ‘rubbish’. This stage was great, so now it become an annual appointment as a twining between Italy and Cuba.
In May started the new Tour 2004 with 35 gigs.
In July issue a new single ‘Sciakkallakka’ a great success for the Italian radio.

2005 – T