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Bunmi Adeoye

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Folk Acoustic


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"Album Review: Chronique d'une voix en or"

Il y a des pépites brillants de mille feux : le bouleversant Stop Lying To Me, peut-être l'une des meilleurs chansons de 2008, l'acoustique et merveilleux Long Time Coming, la cover puissante de What A Good Boy des Barenaked Ladies, la ballade sombre Sad But True et la belle cover de Van Morrison: Brown Eyed Girl. - With Music In My Mind

"New Music Spotlight"

Bunmi is going to offer something rewarding and fulfilling to the music industry: originality. The sensational pop singer has created a powerful presence with her unique take on Pop music. With a voice that is unparalleled to most, Bunmi's music is something that is refreshing and innovated. If you want to know her style, then think of Tina Turner meets Tori Amos meets Suzanne Vega.

http://www.juniorscave.com/Bunmi.html - Juniors Cave Online Magazine

"Review: Bunmi Adeoye - Paper Dolls, Glass Houses"

Bunmi Adeoye (Boo-mee A-Day-Oh-Yeh) is a hopeless romantic, and one who has been scorned judging by the songs on her debut CD, Paper Dolls, Glass Houses. With the melodic sense of Carole King, the gritty truth-to-tell nature of Tracy Chapman and the vitriol of Ani DiFranco, Adeoye spins a web of tales that will hit home with anyone who's even been on the bad side of a breakup. The Toronto-based Adeoye lists influences as disparate as KT Tunstall, Damien Rice, Barbara Streisand, Judy Garland, WHAM!, Sade, and Harlequin romance novels.

The first thing you’ll notice about Adeoye is that she has a magnificently unaffected voice. I don’t know what sort of vocal training she’s had, but Adeoye sounds like a natural singer. There’s an earthy quality to her singing that sets the listener immediately at ease, and her tone is gorgeous without ever sounding garish. She is the sort of singer you could literally listen to all day long. Adeoye kicks of Paper Dolls, Glass Houses with Stop Lying, an emotionally, lyrically and melodically intense song representing one half of an argument in a relationship that’s going nowhere. The emotional edge here is palpable, and Adeoye’s voice makes it all the more believable. The song has a theatrical quality to it, almost as if you could build a show around it, but retains the Folk/Pop sense it was written in. Unbreakable Heart is a dance song that sounds like it might have come chronologically before Stop Lying, the urgent refrain of someone who will do anything to make a bad relationship work. Long Time Coming is an empowering song about throwing the bum out and works as a perfect prologue to the first two tracks.

Player Hate turns the tables on the players, in one of the hottest songs to emerge from the cauldron of 2008. Player Hate is blunt enough to make Ani DiFranco blush, and is the sort of song that could really break out on Pop/Urban radio. Tell Me is a Reggae-flavored pop song with a melody that just won’t stay out of your noggin. The harmonies here are downright gorgeous in their own right; this is another potential pop hit. Adeoye takes on the Barenaked Ladies’ What A Good Boy next, in an amazing cover of one of the band’s best non-singles. The song itself is about expectations and pre-conceived notions we grow up with around gender and the limitations they can place on us as we grow. It’s not an issue so much of overt sexism but the ideas so ingrained in our consciousness that we never think about them. Adeoye makes the most of a great song. Sad But True is a dark and beautiful song of detached mourning about a relationship the narrator could never win at. Adeoye’s vocal line here is striking and the harmonies are angelic. Adeoye closes out the album with a cover of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl. It’s a beautiful rendition, much slower and more contemplative than the original. Adeoye takes one last to shine on the vocals; a real pleasure to hear.

When I first listened to this album I was somewhat blown away; each successive listen has made that sense of “Whoa!” grow a bit. Bunmi Adeoye is a distinctive talent. She joins a cadre of strong, intelligent female singer songwriters (Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Tina Turner, Tracy Chapman, etc.) willing to, in turns, be tough, speak their mind, be vulnerable… just be themselves. Paper Dolls, Glass Houses is the sort of disc that grabs you on the first listen and tightens its grip a little on each successive play. Adeoye is a gem who should not stay hidden; she’s ready for the grand stage. Paper Dolls, Glass Houses is a distinctive find, a Wildy’s World Certified Desert Island Disc, and an absolute must for your music collection. Make sure you check it out today!

Rating: 5 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy's World

"My CMF: An Easy, Enjoyable Start"

Bunmi Adeoye (pronounced Boo Mee A Day Oh Yeh) performs with a confident swagger and has an easy rapport with her audience: her laughter and light-hearted patter stood in stark contrast to her often brooding love songs.

“I am the one with the unbreakable heart,
I am the one you can scream and shout at,
I am the one you can take for granted,
I am the one with a heart made of granite.”

Bunmi’s carefully-crafted songs are sung with aggression but when she hits her falsetto you can see the vulnerability behind the power and the passion. - TO: Live With Culture

"Song of the Month Winner"

Bunmi Adeoye, a promising, acoustic/pop singer/songwriter based in Toronto. ON, Canada, has won the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest for September, for her song “Unbreakable Heart.” This song is featured on Adeoye’s debut 10-song album, Paper Dolls, Glass Houses, which she released independently in June (2008).

“Unbreakable Heart” is an uptempo song which uniquely combines the soulful, personal style of a Tracy Chapman with a modern pop/groove arrangement reminiscent of Madonna. The song has two main highlights - an intelligent lyric which has moments of irony and intensity, and a powerful chorus, which builds in emotion each time it’s repeated.

Read the rest here: http://www.songwriteruniverse.com/contestwinner62-123.htm - SongwriterUniverse Magazine

"The NXNE Personals: Laura Borealis, Bunmi Adeoye, Ivan Ives and more"

“I am a Toronto-based, European-influenced singer-songwriter who has often been compared to Tori Amos, Suzanne Vega, Carole King and Joan Armatrading. I was once told that my style was like “someone slapped a guitar in Mary J. Blige’s hands and it f**king rocked.” Girls and guys who enjoy my style seem to identify with the raw rage and pain featured in my songs. Don’t be scared though; it’s about love, hope and forgiveness as well. I am like this because I love too much, too hard, too soon. Admit it, you’re the same way. Songs from my debut album, Paper Dolls, Glass Houses, have been called brilliant, powerful, sombre, and beautiful, but you need to find out for yourself. If you are looking for intensity, drama, searing honesty and swagger, let’s meet on June 20th at 9pm at the Free Times Cafe (320 College Street) and see if we make… a connection.” - National Post

"Performance review for Toronto Indie Week"

"Like someone slapped a guitar in Mary J. Blige's hands and it fucking rocked!!"
- Comment from Toronto Indie Week Judge - N/A

"Bag of Chips"

I am coming to your next show. I will bring a bag of BBQ-flavoured chips with me and will eat them loudly during breaks. Then I will nervously try to fold the chips bag -- so that it won't make any noise -- before you start playing. I will have lots of miniature chip crumbs all over the front of my dress, but it won't matter because I will be mesmerized by your beautiful music. I will clap loudly & enthusiastically with my orange-stained, greasy hands. I can't wait. - Jowita Bydlowska

"My Space Comment"

Every time I hear "It's About Love", I just feel better! You have such a soothing quality to your sound. That song just makes me feel like I'm enjoying a lazy summer day...and just feeling happy to be alive! Thanks for that. - Peter Bloom

"My Space Comment"

I found your page through Trick of Disaster and as I was reading your about me while I was listening to "Unbreakable Heart." I couldn't continue reading all I could do was just sit, listen and take in all of your words. You really drew me in and held me there for those few short minutes. My heart and soul lays in words, writing and poetry so I can honestly say I enjoy your voice put to words cause I can really feel the passion. I can't get the "did you know" line out of my head. There it is lingering right now. - Kayla

"September finalist for Best Vocalist of the Month"

Here are four, talented vocalists/artists who complete our Top Five Vocalists honorees list for this month's competition, with their credits, plus their e-mail and website links:

Bunmi Adeoye for Stop Lying - SingerUniverse Magazine

"Sonicbids Spotlight Artist from April 27 to May 2"

Sonicbids Spotlight Artist from 27 April to 2 May 2009 - Sonicbids


Paper Dolls, Glass Houses (2008)

Songs Under Starlight Compilation CD (2006, track: "Is This About Love") - SOLD OUT



Toronto-based singer/songwriter/performer Bunmi Adeoye (pronounced boo-mee a-day-oh-yeh!) has been described as sounding like a mixture of Carol King and Sinéad O'Connor with a dash of PJ Harvey and Ani DiFranco. Bunmi writes and sings tunes that could be the soundtrack of a scorned ex-girlfriend, desperately searching for closure.

Bunmi lived in Europe for a few years and while there she worked with various local artists as a studio and backup singer. She was also a semi-finalist in the London-based Perrier Young Jazz Musician competition. She is strongly influenced by artists such as KT Tunstall, David Gray, Damien Rice. She credits her flair for writing melodramatic tunes to listening to vintage French love songs, reading Harlequin romances before she was old enough to French kiss, and watching loads of Barbara Streisand and Judy Garland musicals. A child of the 80s, she has also been happily tainted by WHAM! and Sade.

Bunmi released her debut album, Paper Dolls, Glass Houses in 2008. She is currently recording her yet-to-be titled sophomore album.