Bunni Boiler Music Promotions

Bunni Boiler Music Promotions


"Bunny Boiler is a pejorative term for an obsessive and dangerous individual, most commonly referring to a jilted lover who is stalking the person who has spurned her or him."


Hey I’m Serene - my background for the past 15 years is both as a musician and working as a Label and Marketing Manager for various music Labels. So after being contacted by several bands for various advice, I decided to start my own consulting business, Bunni Boiler Music Promotions (see the film Fatal Attraction is you don’t get the reference..lol); to help bands and acts that are just starting out, or have hit a plateau and don’t know how to get industry or distribution interest or take it to the next level. So if your band is in need of a helping hand with any industry advice- from marketing plans, touring, grants, booking gigs, creating mailing lists, putting together promotional flyers, writing bios, designing websites, organising your publicity and promotional materials, as well as branding all your online social networking sites, please do not hesitate to contact me. Oh and I’m affordable too! Cheers Serene



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