Bunny Lake
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Bunny Lake

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Band EDM Pop




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"The Late Night Tapes" (Köhlermann/Monkey), 2006
"The Chuch Of Bunny Lake" (Klein Records), 2007
"The Beautiful Fall" (Universal), 2010

Disco Demons 12" (Klein Records), 2006:
Disco Demons - Christopher Just Dub
Disco Demons - Christopher Just Vocal Mix
All That Sex - Glow Remix
Strobe Love 12" (Klein Records), 2007:
Strobe Love - Shinichi Osawa Remix
Strobe Love - Dj Sandrinhos Rio Version Feat. Mc Gringo
Strobe Love - Christopher Just Dub
Strobe Love - Album Version
Into The Future 12" (Klein Records), 2008:
Into The Future - The Aston Shuffle Remix
Into The Future - Album Version
Into The Future - Tronik Youth Remix
Into The Future - Zombie Disco Squad Remix
Christopher Just vs Bunny Lake (Klein Records), 2009:
Christopher Just vs Bunny Lake - The Very Last Party
Christopher Just vs Bunny Lake - The Very Last Party (Vocal Version)
Christopher Just vs Bunny Lake - The Very Last Party (Ben Mono Version)
Christopher Just vs Bunny Lake - The Very Last Party (Bunny Version) (Download only)
1994 Promo 12" (Universal), 2009:
1994 - Ilsa Gold Remix
1994 - The Disco Villains Remix
1994 - Heartbreak Remix
1994 - Heartbreak Dub

"All That Sex" auf FM4-Soundselection (Sony/BMG), 2005
"High Heel Voodoo" auf Fleisch-Pornopop-Compilation, 2006
"Disco Demons" auf Augustin-Magazin-CD, 2006
"Disco Demons Dub" auf "Serious Beats 53", 2006
"Disco Demons Remix" auf "Various - Cherry Moon Reunion", 2006
"Disco Demons Remix" auf "Various - H2o Club - Electro Feelings", 2006
"Deeper Confessions" auf FM4-Soundselection (Universal), 2007
"Disco Guai Wu" auf "Various - Poptastic China", 2008
"Disco Demons" auf "In 3 Tagen bist du tot, Teil 2" (Monkey), 2008
"Into The Future" auf FM4-Soundselection 19 (Universal), 2008
"Into The Future (Aston Shuffle Remix)" auf "Various-Ministry Of Sound: Clubbers Guide",
"Strobe Love Dub" auf "Christopher Just - Dirty Sanchez" (Sublime Records), 2009

All That Sex, Regie: Suk & Koch, 2006
Twisted Forever, Regie: Edwin Brienen, 2007
Strobe Love, Regie: Fuchs & Loizenbauer, 2007
Into The Future, Regie: Mirjam Unger, 2008
1994, Regie: John Majors Daughters, 2009



The collective from Vienna's thriving electro-underground stands for both packed dancefloors and throbbing hearts. BUNNY LAKE's music tells lurid tales of insatiable desires, of the fever of unreason and of the wilful dissipation of the self.

With club hits such as "Disco Demons" or "Strobe Love" the band made the playlists of many globally renowned star DJs, such as Mark Moore or Mylo.

This globetrotting brought on further cosmopolitan connections. It led to remixes by Japanese electro superstar Shinichi Osawa, by various luminaries from the Brazilian Baile Funk scene, Australia's The Aston Shuffle or London’s DJ-hipsters Zombie Disco Squad and Tronik Youth. Various soundtrack contributions followed and videos were shot in both Berlin and New York.

After two albums that daringly mixed distorted rave references with gloomy electro sounds, the band and their regular producer Christopher Just (Kitsunè, Chicks On Speed) decided to launch themselves into the wonderful adventure that is pop. The resulting single, the catchy "Into The Future", promptly made the alternative charts in Austria (Radio FM4, Radio Soundportal) and received considerable airplay in Germany.

In the fall of 2009 BUNNY LAKE wins Austria's most coveted and prestigious music award, the Amadeus.

Which is what brings us to BUNNY LAKE’s debut for Universal Music, ”The Beautiful Fall“. Melancholia is a new catchword among the BUNNY gang, an exalted romance, burning passion and pure sparkling pop magic are what they are after. However, the fact that international remix-luminaries such as The Disco Villains (USA), Heartbreak (London) or Designer Drugs (USA) collaborated with the band on singles virtually guaranteed that BUNNY LAKE have not lost their taste for turning the clubs upside down.

2012 will bring us Bunny Lake’s highly awaited next album, produced by Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode) and some remixes by the likes of Superpitcher and Bomb the Bass.
More would be telling.

BUNNY LAKE "live on stage" stands for the euphoria of dance music, the energy of rock’n’roll and yearning pop.