Bunny Ranch

Bunny Ranch




Bunnyranch, Portugal's latest export of garage, Rock ‘n’ Roll, whatever you wanna call it, their objective is to get the blood pumpin', the sexual juices flowin', and that ass shakin'.

Bunnyranch is Kalo’s new band. His fiery portrayal of a brutish drummer is no stranger to American audiences. He has toured America several times with his previous bands Tedio Boys and 77. Now, he’s the conductor at center stage, singing and beating the skins, backed by João Cardoso-organ, André Ferrão-Guitar and Pedro Calhau-Bass.

Bunnyranch are influenced by some of the best from Johnny Burnette to ? and the Mysterians to Lee Hazelwood to Booker T and the MG´s to the Stooges to the Make Up, creating a sound that is energetic, fun and refreshing in a time of war.

Their hit single “Inside my head” has been nominated for “Best Song of the Year”, by Portugal’s Antena 3 Radio.

We’re coming to SHAKE ’EM DOWN.
Our only salvation it’s in the supreme power of rock ‘n’ roll.

For additional info: www.myspace.com/bunnyranchspace

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Too Flop to Boogie-e.p. 2002
Trying to Lose-l.p.2004
Luna Dance-l.p.2006

Set List

Your words are my jokes
Flip Flop
Liar Alone
The Dog
Let me Understand
We Got a Thing Going On
In the Land of the Poor
Can´t Stop the Ranch
On my out
Inside my Head
1 hour