Bunny Sings Wolf

Bunny Sings Wolf


Lakota-inflective Folk music honoring Spirit, Self and Earth; songs of liberation from things that don't work; honoring peace. Their wholesomeness is undeniable, their beauty comes from the heart. From the sacred Black Hills for these times - a rich voice, Nat. Amer. Flute, drum, acoustic guitar.


"Bunny performs with a quiet charisma that I find impossible to describe. She owned the stage the moment she appeared to speak a few words, pick up a flute and begin to play, then to pick up her guitar and sing. Her voice is rich with just a hint of breathiness, and is a force all it's own. Her persona is pure peace with an underlying humor that caught the audience and led them to howl along on "Moon." Quote from May 8, 2009 - Black Hills Live, in Rapid City Journal review of Bunny's recent Historic Homestake Opera House concert.

In reoccurring childhood dreams Bunny saw streams of thousands of people from all ages and all walks of life from many cultures following her, dancing, laughing, singing along, all living in a world full of pristine forests, colorful flowers, good health, abundance, harmony, balance, peace as she played a wooden flute alongside her "imaginary" childhood friend (what she described then as a white elephant with fur, cute curved horns and no trunk). Beginning in 1999, dream songs began arriving (at 400 count now) with the dreams' insistence that these were the songs and times for the childhood visions to manifest.

Her first two CDs "Sacred Ground" followed by "Buffalo Tales" self produced in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, were released in 2000, followed by "White Haired Sunrise" in 2003, and "Prophecy Keeper" in 2005. "St8newalker" released in May 2009 is the crowning gem of a well worked craft, gleaming the music to new realms of appreciation among audiences young and old, while the "imaginary" white buffalo dances happily alongside. Bunny's “band” is made up of acoustic guitar, Native American wooden flutes, and heartbeat drums hand-made and gifted to her by loyal fans who are wood carvers and artists. Utilizing these to create a truly calming, nurturing and precious sound. all her instruments have white buffalo "birds" and/or white buffalo painted designs on them which have manifested her childhood dream come true.


"Sacred Ground"
"Buffalo Tales"
"White Haired Sunrise"
"Prophecy Keeper"

Set List

Bunny has a number of beautiful song sets with interesting variety, and has performed many a most memorable solo concert for almost 3 hours with no break and the audience wanting more.

However, a typical 40 minute set would include mostly original songs with a few covers, ie.:

1. Old Jerome (written by the late Kate Wolf)
2. Trail of Tears (written by Randy Handley)
3. Brother Warrior (written by Kate Wolf)
4. Buffalo Dreams (by Bunny Sings Wolf, new song not yet recorded-begins with beautiful drone flute solo)
5. Red Cloud's Song (by Bunny Sings Wolf, new song not yet recorded, written by the request of Chief Oliver Red Cloud Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation,, and this song came in a dream. When Bunny sang this song for the 88 year old Chief last year he told her she is to tell people that she sings "for Lakota Oyate" - the "Sioux" buffalo nation - wolakota – peace. In concert this song also begins with a brief drone flute solo, then Bunny uses her teardrop shaped standin