Bunny West

Bunny West

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Bunny West is made up of a rotating group of LA's finest musicians fronted by Bunny herself. No matter who's playing, the show is authentic and different every time. From drums to a card board box or a flying V to a mandolin, Bunny keeps it legitimate.


Bunny West was born on a locomotive, raised on a reservation, and steeped in salvation. The spirit of Bunny West comes alive through a style of music all her own. With ten years of playing and writing music under her belt, she has dipped her toes into every style of music and fused all of these to create her own fresh sound. Whether she draws inspiration from Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Etta James or The Black Keys, Bunny West’s distinct, chillingly powerful voice lies at the root of her music.


Southern Voice

Written By: Bunny West

Verse 1:
I've only been to Texas once. St. Louis' were my daddy's from. I'd like to go see Tenessee, Nashville could feel like home to me.

I've got a Southern Voice, that lazy drawl, a whiskey drinkin, mouth for swearin it don't matter where I'm from.
I've got a Southern Voice, that lazy drawl, good ole boys and Southern belles, I can hear them ringing for me.

Verse 2:
Smokey Mountain brought me Dolly, Hank Wiiliams hailed from Montgomery, thank the Lord for Virginia and for Patsy. She fell to pieces them went crazy but she sure gave me sweet dreams.


My baby's the king of Jersey, born in Virginy, grew up across the sea. That boy he knows his country, he'll sing you songs he'll make you cry that honky tonk will never die.



New full length album due out this summer.