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i am a great lyricist great singer i would love to get my work out and hope you can help me do same.


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No Blunt No Bottle

Written By: Burchell C. Hanson

No blunt no bottle

I don’t need to roll no blunt neither pop bottle’s
To prove what I’m about when I’m up in your saddle.
You posing in my bed like a top model
You’ll wish you weren’t here when I get done with you.

I see you gat them lace on, your (fuck-sex) face on
Baby girl where you get this tight space from.
I hope you real strong cause I’m gona be real long.
After I use my (grip-dick) and rip your thong.

You’ve been asking for so long now that you’ve got it
A thought you would a wana just jump right up on it
A can’t believe my eyes you backing up from it.
You ain’t leaving till I stamp my name on.


stop backing up baby that ain’t no doorway
you wana make one through the wall then that’s ok.
(tell me) what you reaching for cause I don’t see nothing
trying to hold on to my braids you forget this n****r don’t
even grow hair.
You could a been happy you chose to be sad
Requesting the fire from the steel rod
You know you just have the best you ever had
Just like Michael Jackson tell me who’s bad.?


a know now you wish we’d start with tongue kissing
me sucking on your nipples playing with your klitoris an
getting you worm an wet an slowly putting it in
on ma bed in ma ride on the cupboard in the kitchen.



Burchell c. Hanson