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"Burga (Iceburg Tony) - Just Call Me Burga Review"

Icegurg Tony an up and coming raper out of Brevard County Forida is out with this brand new mixtape. Just Call Me Burga is good but doesn’t fully show the talent that Burga has. Most of the songs on this mixtape are freestyles over different beats. I’m not super pumped on these but they’re definetly better than some others out there. The mixtape isn’t all freestyles though and features some great songs including “Grindin” and “That Aint Right.” These songs are great and definetly worth downloading this mixtape. Also check out Burga’s song “So Gone.” It’s not on the mixtape but well worth the download. Don’t forget to download Just Call Me Burga. - HipHopMixtape.com


Jack Rank collabs with Papuh Boss & Burga for the new street single “Drop Top Music” off the album “Big Business”. Filming provided by Fill In The _____ Productions & HoLup Media. Editing provided by Fill In The _____ Productions. - NIght-Vibe ENT

"Burga Aka Ice Burg Tony visits Crescendo Sound Studio"

Burga AKA Ice burg Tony was in the studio recently. Burga, straight out of Melbourne Fl, has performed shows all over the south to sold out crowds. In this video he features with Wheat Man, a crescendo regular.

- Crescendo Sound Studio


"Rape The Market"
"Call Me Burga"
"I Ain't Signed Yet"
"Independent Grind"
"I Ain't Signed Yet" Volume 2
"Independent Grind" Volume 2
"T.H.I.D.Y.B." (This How I'm Doin Ya'll Beats)
"T.H.I.D.Y.B. V2"



Burga Bio
[f.k.a. (Formerly known as) Iceburg Tony]

Florida has always been known as a "hot spot" for entertainment. Rather it be the steamy club nights, the candy-painted car shows, the gorgeous beaches or the awe-inspiring amusement parks, Florida remains a magnet for a great time. The music scene of the Sunshine State has also been popular for quite some time but even more so within the past five years, primarily due to the rise of its many artists that have gained national stardom. The music spotlight is now shining on Florida more than ever, while industry insiders are anxiously anticipating the arrival of other great artists that may emerge soon. For all who possess this eager anticipation the wait is now over, as Florida’s best-kept secret steps on center stage. By way of Melbourne, Florida many know him as Iceburg Tony but you can call him Burga! This young talented rapper, whose music not only emanates a street edge for the hood hustlers, but also conveys a swagger that’s sure to catch the attention of the ladies, is a definite rising star.

Burga, formerly known as Iceburg Tony, was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida located in Brevard County or as Burga likes to call it…“Count Down County 321.” As the second oldest child of five, his family has always been a big influence in his life. Even at a young age, he held a deep admiration for his parents and their marriage. He respected his father for just being there for his family regardless of the circumstances. “I really look up to my father cause when I was growing up, most of my friends didn’t have a father-figure and you could definitely see how it affected their lives.” In regards to his mother, he always viewed her as the strong matriarch that she is, the glue that held it all together. Another prominent figure who played a big role in Burga’s life was his big brother, K Low. This role centered on music and Burga’s love for rap started to take shape at the youthful age of thirteen. It’s no doubt that his brother is at the top of the list of his musical influences. Burga reminisces on how he was always sharpening his skills against his oldest sibling but he admits there were other major musical influences too. These included certified street rappers such as 2Pac, Notorious Big, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, just to name a few.

However, Burga's life soon took a drastic turn for the worse when his family started experiencing major financial difficulties. He started hustling with his older brother to help provide additional income for the family. Consequently, it wasn’t long before he became accustomed to the flashy lifestyle associated with hustling such as the women, the clothes, the jewelry and the cars. Just as this fiery rapper says in his current hot single, “Um Balling,” Burga is sure "to get the money first and never let the money wait". With this concept in mind, trapping with his brother turned into a thriving venture. Fortunately, Burga wanted to surpass that level of success through his music and started a rap group with his brother and cousins called Wide Open. While he was in the tenth grade, the group released a song called "WO" that became an instant hit throughout Brevard County. Things started getting serious for the group as the song began getting air time at radio stations 94.3 and 95.1 as well as shows all over the county. With all of Burga’s attention focused on music and hustling, school was placed on the back burner and eventually he dropped out of school in the tenth grade.

Although the group was experiencing major accomplishments, they decided to go their separate ways. Burga went on to pursue his solo career under Real Life Promotions with manager Lil T in 2005. Through his term with the new management, Burga released three mixtapes titled, Getcha Money Up Volume 2, Bottom of the Map and Rape the Market. “I like to call what I do reality music. I talk about the things real people go through every day like the struggling, hustling, and relationship problems.” These mixtapes exhibited his love for hustling and his unwavering dedication to the streets, while simultaneously showing his style and versatility through songs that related to everyday life regardless of the listener. “I have songs for any occasion. If you’re going through something, I’m telling you how to get past it. And if you’re not, I’m telling you how to avoid these situations.” His major singles, “Um Balling” and “Over You,” were hits in Melbourne Florida and were featured on radio stations 94.3 and 95.1 where they continued to generate a buzz. The mixtapes' success allowed Burga the opportunity to perfect his captivating stage presence and performance by opening up for many major artists, which includes some of the same people who influenced his music career-Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, B.G., T.I., Plies, and Rick Ross.

Nevertheless, after seven years with Lil T, Burga was ready for a change in direction and wanted to move on to accomplish eve