Burgess, Mitchell & Seal

Burgess, Mitchell & Seal

 Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Burgess, Mitchell and Seal is the premiere jazz/blues trio in Central PA. The trio performs over 200 gigs, festivals, clinics and workshops a year. Greg Burgess on piano composes the groups original music, Steve Mitchell is a Grammy Award winning drummer and Andy Seal plays the hottest bass.


Greg Burgess, songwriter, pianist, and vocalist, is the musical director of Burgess, Mitchell and Seal. His song stylings and boogie woogie piano licks will thrill and his tender delivery of a ballad will surprise and touch. His songwriting calls on both his musical and writing skills, and somewhere there in the middle, magic is produced.

He has a solo career and plays as well with his wife Fiddler Woman Beverly Conrad. Greg is a generous musician, active in the local music scene, always willing to sit in and lend another point of view to the music going on. Music is not his only creative expression: he has written a novel, several novellas, short stories and poetry. His work has been published in journals neotrope, gestalten and The Seed. You can see him on screen in his first movie, All is Normal, directed by Todd Bieber and Juliana Brafa.

Played With: Joe Beard, Big Joe Turner, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Taj Mahal, Roy C.

Soundtrack Recording
Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue and Gray
The People's Bridge (including his composition: "Sans Souci.")

In the ensemble, Steve Mitchell, drummer, is the guy who keeps it going. His drumming will captivate and inspire. He's got a groove you cannot ignore. He's the most musical drummer you will ever hear and, yet, his work is quiet and subtle, with masterful and restrained use of both brush and stick.

Steve has been drumming professionally since he was 11, and that's a long time! In his earliest days he was mentored by Pat Ballard who wrote Mr Sandman. Most of his professional career was spent in San Francisco where he was a studio musician in addition to touring and playing regular gigs around the Bay Area. He has been a teacher his whole life, with formal associations at the UCSF and the Wilmington Friends School He was a founder of the Children's Media and the Academy of Rhythm. Together with his wife, the Reverend Ann Keeler Evans, they have started a foundation entitled, Peaceful Measures, which explores ways to create peace, within your hearts and among peoples and communities using rhythm and rhyme. He's happiest playing — whether new music with the young kids or old licks with the old timers. If you love to play, he's probably played with you in the Susquehanna Valley and around the world.

Played With (sampling): Skyliners, Too Loose To Truck, Mose Allison, Van Morison, The Smothers Brothers, The Joffrey Ballet, Joy of Cooking, Joe Henderson, Blue Mitchell, Herb Ellis, Vice Guaraldi, Cal Tjader, Leon Russell, Albert King, Ester Phillips, Lou Rawls, Norton Buffalo, David Grisman, Sally Kellerman, Freda Payne, Les Elgart, Earl Van Dyke

Soundtrack Recordings (sampling)
Charlie Brown TV specials
Garfield the Cat TV specials
Sesame Street
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
Eddie Macon's Run
End of the Rainbow
True Stories
All is Normal
Neck Deep

Andy Seal lays down the bass line for the group. He drives and dances and keeps the music moving, whether he's lifting up the melody line, improvising a solo, or trading fours with the drummer. He's powerful and insightful, adding that indefinable extra to sew the pieces together.

Andy is one of the go to bassists in the Central Susquehanna Valley, whether he's backing up local bands or traveling musicians, participating in the orchestra or playing in the pit for the local theater. He's also a Moog-synthesizer, Theramin and trance-music aficionado, so his music runs the gamut from the earthy to the ethereal. Either way, it's all hot.

Played With: Perry Robinson, David Darling, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, E.G. Kight, Ann Rabson, 72 Flood, Electric Volcano Experiment

Soundtrack Recording
Gettysburg: The Boys in Blue and Gray
The People's Bridge (including his composition: "Sans Souci.")


Downriver Some. Burgess, Mitchell & Seal. Mitchell, drums. Features eleven original instrumental compositions by Greg Burgess.

Pull the Shade on the Morning. Burgess, Mitchell & Seal. Jazz standards by Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Vince Guaraldi, and three compositions by Burgess.

Brother Blues and Me. Greg Burgess with Steve Mitchell and Andy Seal. Features fourteen compositions by Greg Burgess, which were drawn upon for performance at the 2003 Billtown Blues Festival.

Blues for Your Stocking. Burgess, Mitchell & Seal. Christmas selections, including two songs by Burgess.

Ears to the Earth. John Johnson, Greg Burgess, Steve Mitchell, Andy Seal. Original improvised compositions dubbed “earth jazz.”

I Am Not Alone! Greg Burgess. Top pick for best blues CD of 1999 by Joe Miklos of Billtown Blue Notes.

Tunes from the Family Parlor. Beverley Conrad, Greg Burgess. Old time tunes like they were once played in the home.