Burgundy the Triangle

Burgundy the Triangle


We are a hard working, committed band. We have influences from bands like QOTSA, Biffy Clyro, To Incubus and The Cure. We've been described as Alt prog shoe gaze. Or as we think Burgundy.


The trio consists of guitarist/main vocal Gary Ptaszek, bassist/backing vocal Gary Tinsley and drummer Dan Tinsley.
Without fail every live set sees the trio embark on a journey through their repertoire, delving into syncopated rhythms and imitative musical turns that blend with ferocious walls of sound, which blast away any accusations of pretentiousness.
What’s more Burgundy’s sound cannot be pinned down to one category, both in terms of musical influence (with keen ears being able to pick up a host of influences from hardcore to acoustic folk), song writing, and feeling. Much the same could also be said about Burgundy’s lyrical content. Nothing is spoon fed to the listener, instead there are suggestions and half meanings; shades of emotion and experience akin to an oil painting as opposed to the colour-within-the-lines contrast of more cookie-cutter song writing contemporaries
The bands achievements since forming include, supporting Brit pop legends Supergrass at the 2009 Sellinge music festival, after winning a battle of the bands competition. Other highlights include, radio play on BBC introducing and BBC radio Kent as well as numerous unsigned radio stations.


We have now released 2 Albums,

'All Of This Forever' 2013
'Endeavour' 2010

1 Ep
'The Triangle' 2009

All of which can be downloaded from all good download sites including iTunes.