Burial Grounds

Burial Grounds


Were an indie-blues band that draws influences from the great bands of the past like The Doors and The Stones, as well as the standout up and coming bands of today such as Grizzly Bear and The Black Keys. We take pride in our energetic live sets as well as our undeniably catchy sound.


The Grim Wilderness started out as an acoustic freak-folk duo created by Shane Graybill and Mike Heller and in the next few following months turned into a full four piece. Since going electric our sound has gotten louder and more intense than what it started out as. Since then we have played all the major venues in our area such as The Silo, The Chameleon Club, The Champion Ship, and won the annual Harrisburg Battle of the Bands. Early influences were The Doors and Yes mainly, but more recently it's been a lot of Ariel Pink, T.Rex and even some stars from the 50's. When it comes to putting on an exciting live show none compare to this newly constructed group and the same goes for their work ethic when it comes to practice.


Lessons EP(The Grim Wilderness): Skank Lovin' Blues, Beauty of Addiction, Circle of Friends, Blackness and Glitter, Soul Eyes

All of the songs can be streamed on myspace, facebook, and reverbnation.