Buried Beneath Us

Buried Beneath Us


Buried Beneath Us is metalcore band from Wytheville, Virginia. We've set out to spread a positive message through our music and prove that "small town" limitations aren't enough to keep us from hitting the road and getting our music to the masses.


Giving a dead scene hope...

Buried Beneath Us was formed in January 2011 by two members of the band Seven Year Sorrow, which disbanded in 2010. Welcomed only by a handful of friends and the one of a kind word of mouth only found in a rural area; we began to make a name for ourselves through our relentless, high-energy live performances. We have a very modern sound influenced by bands like August Burns Red, After the Burial, and The Plot in You. With the unfortunate lack of support from local venues who demand we "play covers to keep the regulars happy"; we have held several successful self-financed, self-promoted shows at a local community center. Of these shows, our pride and joy, "SpringSAVE Music Festival in Memory of Zach Blevins" is an ever-growning local festival held in the small town of Rural Retreat, Virginia. This show is organized in honor of a fallen friend, and all of the money raised goes to benefit suicide awareness. We not only have a positive message through our lyrics, but our actions as well. We are currently writing and preparing to record our second EP, a follow-up to 2011's "Natural Disasters".


Natural Disasters Demo - October, 2011

Set List

Crimson Floods
Look to the Sky
Natural Disasters
For Today
Daddy's the Mayor

*Set List is subject to change based on the amount of time we are given to play.