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Buried Beneath Us

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"Buried Beneath Us (EP REVIEW) Tuesday, February 14, 2012"

Buried Beneath Us (EP REVIEW)

Hometown: Wythe County, VA

Aaron Vaught- Vocals, synth and the detonator

Matt Addair-Guitar

Jake Whalen-Guitar

Sammy Lawson-Drums

Scott Whitehead-Vocals

Swirl Carol-Bass


Look to the sky:

The guitars have an awesome melody. The screams are deep, and I really like the chorus the most. The clean vocals are very well put together. After the first chorus the drums and the riffs really kick in and I really start to like the song from here. It's a little slow starting up, but as it speed up, I definitely enjoy it more. It has a nice little breakdown that leads into a solo feel with the guitar. There is another breakdown close to the end that just leads to clean vocals again ending out the song with some guitar.

Crimson Floods:

Faster paced guitar and drums intro definitely to my liking. Alot of times in the song it feels like it drops to a melody then picks back up to screaming and metal hits again. But the chorus is definitely to my liking again. The guitar riffs really help pull this off. About 3 quarters of the way in the breakdown is pretty awesome, especially the drums lead into it. The melodic Riff with the machinegun bass petals is great.

Natural Disaster:

I like the different sounding guitar and drums with the echo feel on here. It gives a different feel to the rest of the songs on the album. However it also makes the song sound a little complicated. The double bass petals sounds amazing with this sound. halfway through, the song drops almost into a soft progressive feel. With the Symbol work and the guitar melodys its really nice. Definitely like the switch up. It shoots into clean vocals for a few minutes and then jumps back metal feel.

For Today:

I like the Technical feel to this song. The drums and guitar add a great atmosphere to it. You can even hear the bass riffing in parts of the song. The screams are very rich and out there for this song also. The clean vocals on the chorus feel a bit lacking on this song. Still pretty good sounding though. But everything else feels like it was taken up a notch. For the most part this is one of my more favorite song. I love the techninal guitar and bass in the end of the song working together, Sounds awesome.


I think the songs could of used a little more diversity. The only one super different was Natural Disaster. I'm not sure I really liked the direction of it as much. There was alot of parts during the songs I really enjoyed and then some that felt a bit repetitive. I'm sure seeing you guys live might change that whole aspect of it one day though :) All in all I liked most of it and definitely was worth the listen. - RhythmReviews


Natural Disasters Demo - October, 2011



Giving a dead scene hope...

Buried Beneath Us was formed in January 2011 by two members of the band Seven Year Sorrow, which disbanded in 2010. Welcomed only by a handful of friends and the one of a kind word of mouth only found in a rural area; we began to make a name for ourselves through our relentless, high-energy live performances. We have a very modern sound influenced by bands like August Burns Red, After the Burial, and The Plot in You. With the unfortunate lack of support from local venues who demand we "play covers to keep the regulars happy"; we have held several successful self-financed, self-promoted shows at a local community center. Of these shows, our pride and joy, "SpringSAVE Music Festival in Memory of Zach Blevins" is an ever-growning local festival held in the small town of Rural Retreat, Virginia. This show is organized in honor of a fallen friend, and all of the money raised goes to benefit suicide awareness. We not only have a positive message through our lyrics, but our actions as well. We are currently writing and preparing to record our second EP, a follow-up to 2011's "Natural Disasters".