Buried Twice

Buried Twice


Buried Twice is a Zombies/Horror Movie inspired band. We play the most Brutalist Music in the Quad Cities. We wont stop until we reach the top.


Our Music is wirten for the masses of undead and humans. We are a Brutal metal band from the Quad Cities. Buried Twice was formed 2003 by five guys with inspiration of the Zombie/Horror movies and for the love of metal music. In 2006 we started playing show in the local area and always wanting to go bigger then local, we have the drive to take it national. We recently signed with Illumina Records, Promotion and Marketing Company and joined a Drunk Driving Awareness Campaign, Ground Control. Our influences are Lamb of God, Slayer, All Shall Preish, All thats Remains, Killswitch Engage, Death, Walls of Jerhico, Whitechaple, Bury your Dead.


Buried Twice 2007 Demo

Set List

Endless Reign
In the Wake of Sarrow
Dead Alive
Darkest of Infidelities
Mass Grave Pit
The Night Evlynn Came Out Of The Grave
We try to do one set a week but always looking for more show to play. Our set can last any where from 45 minutes to an Hour