Burkhard Mahler

Burkhard Mahler


Mahler looks upon music as art and communication: He stands for scores which intrigue a broad variety of listeners with an everlasting experience.
Main feedback of his audience and critics: "This is unique !"


Burkhard Mahler – Ten years of independent Fusion

Burkhard Mahler has been working in Munich, Germany as an independent musician, composer and producer since 12 years, having released about 20 albums. He is playing guitar and keyboard.

Since the album “Junction 166” he works with singers and artists as there are:
Renée R. Langer (vocals), David Seinsche (vocals, lyrics), Peter Schickling (guitars, saxophone), Franz Brunner (saxophone), Johnny Guitar (guitars, vocals),
Ligita Zeile (vocals), Stephan Leitz( lyrics), Anabelle Lachatte (lead- and backingvocals, lyrics), just to mention a few.

Discography with description (up to 2012)

In September 2008 he releases with the support of EMG-Records the Album “The Fusion Lounge II”, containing Fusion-Jazz-Rock-Pop music.
Since Fusion Lounge Mahler works with a machine for test, which generates music by accident after programming the wanted harmonies. Examples on
“Fusion Lounge II” are Gerd´s Machine 2 and 3 and Latenightflow Jazzrap from the album “The Fusion Lounge”.
Again with EMG-Records Mahler publishes “The Fusion Rap” in December 2008 containing new musicstyles. The lyrics are traditional Kingstyle Rap and rhymes by the DADA-artists of Germany and New York from the early twenties of last century to contemporary. Vocals on this record are from Mahler, Anabelle Lachatte, Amedeo de Rosa and from samples.
In 2009 there is published a club-mix of “The Fusion Rap” called “Fusions Eleven”.
The next album “The New Creatures - Jim Morrison Poetry Slam”, published January 2010, is featuring lyrics from Jim Morrison´s (The Doors) book “The Lords and the New Creatures” which is written around 1969.
Singers, male and female, honour Jim Morrison as a poet in music.
Some are of Morrison´s generation, some are younger (see also review by moderator Andreas Köhler at www.fusionoderso.de)
Latest online releases are Libre Presentan and Mahler´s Rabengold Symphony. For further details please visit his homepage or

Influences to Mahler´s music come from J.S. Bach, Pink Floyd and the Flower Kings
It is possible to buy Mahler´s albums at all major downloadstores such as Amazon.com, Napster, I-tunes, Musicload etc.


Every Day MG final

Written By: Carla Pagel/Burkhard Mahler

Lyrics: Carla Pagel
Songwriting and performance: Carla Pagel/Burkhard Mahler

Every day

Every day
I think about you
every day
I wonder if you also do

Every day
I remember our great time
and how much I trusted you
and you could trust me

You said we are a good match
that it would never end
that it would be something special
this means forever, nothing bad

And I really believed in this
and so I did everything for it
I really cared about you
no, I still do

Now I realized
the only word to say is
I can’t bear this anymore
that’s why it must be

to loose a boy
is the worst thing
But I can tell
there’s something even
worse to loose

I remember what you did
I wonder if you acknowledged it

I wonder if you miss me
cause I have to admit
I really do

But yes you were my best friend
I know you better than they do
but apparently
this was not enough for you

You told them I am guilty
just to protect your own
You did not stand up for me
I never thought this would come

Now I realized
the only word to say is
I can’t bear this anymore
that’s why it must be

Even after the end
I still keep your

Now I realized
the only word to say is
I can’t bear this anymore
that’s why it must be

I had a dream

Written By: Alan Jackson


Verse 1
And I had a dream
It was so real
I lived by my dream
I’d see, touch and feel
And you were with me
Like a garland of flowers
And you set me free
The sunshine was ours

But the days are dark
And winter is long
I dream of the day
When the dark clouds have gone

Verse 2
And you had a dream
You knew it was true
And in your dream
I was with you
And you were with me
Like the sun in our hearts
We couldn’t see
We never could part

Verse 3
And we dreamt our dream
Every night
You’d still be here
At dawn’s early light
And you’d never leave
And I’d never go
As long as we breathe
Cos I love you so


Vambient 1 - Aug. 2004
Vambient 2 - Oct. 2004
Vambient 3 - Dec. 2004
Rabengold (instrumental version) - 2005
Little Birdsymphony - Febr. 2006
Simultan 1 - March 2006
Junction 166 - Aug. 2006
Nightguitars - Dec. 2006
Take Time - Febr. 2007
Latenightflow - Oct. 2007
The Fusion Lounge 2 - July 2008
The Fusion Rap - Nov. 2008
The Fusion Fantasy - March 2009
Fusions eleven - May 2009
The New Creatures - Oct. 2009
Fusion White Classics - March 2010
Chaos And Harmony - Aug. 2011
Best of Fusion - Oct. 2011
Libre Presentan - Febr. 2012
Rabengold Symphony - June 2012