Benji Allen

Benji Allen


Real Texas music and an energetic show that keeps toes tapping and the dance floors filled! Benji's increasing popularity has him moving out in even bigger circles - hoping to be in a town near you soon!


Benji Allen Debut CD
Mother Nature, A Cold One And Me

“My music? It’s laid back. It’s Texas. It’s about family, it’s respectful, catchy and it’s relaxin’. It’s sincere… there’s nothing fake about the vocals and, there’s not a lyric that comes out of my mouth that is not meant and truly believed by me.”- Benji Allen

Down here in Texas it’s very nearly an official state law that you have to love God, The Cowboys, Momma, and Country Music.

If that’s the rules in the Lone Star State, Benji’s the most law abiding man in Texas.

Growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, Benji Allen remembers frequent trips to his grandmother’s house with nothing to do but listen to the radio.

“We drove back and forth to her house in East Texas all the time, and it was country music the whole way there and back,” says Allen. “My parents hosted lots of parties when I was growing up, and that’s all they played and listened to was country.”

Like a long list of other Texas boys before him including Willie Nelson, George Strait, Tracy Byrd and Mark Chestnut, Benji seemed destined for life as a country music singer.

“Except for a couple of guitar playin’ uncles, I didn’t really have a musical family,” Benji says. “What I did have were parents that played the music, and didn’t mind when I sang along to the music. They encouraged me a lot to sing, especially my mother.”

Sing-along favorites for young Benji ran the gamut from country legends like George Jones and Merle Haggard to Alabama and one pint-sized lady that most manly music artists wouldn’t really admit to singing along with.

“Brenda Lee- remember her? She did this Christmas song I really loved to sing to,” says Benji. “My voice hadn’t changed yet, and I was a high soprano, so I sounded better singing the girl parts in country music back then”, he laughs.

Luckily for Benji the magical voice-deepening time of puberty came along, and his voice matured right along with the rest of him. From the first moment Benji sang in a band in front of a crowd, he knew that singing was what he was meant to do. “It’s been a long, hard, slow road”, says Benji. “Back in the earlier years, I sang a lot at the Johnnie High Review. Lots of folks in this business will promise you lots of things, but as the old saying goes, talk is cheap.” At one point in Benji’s career, he was offered a position in Branson, Missouri- as a Tim McGraw impersonator. “Can’t say I didn’t consider it, but my convictions wouldn’t let me try to be someone I wasn’t. I’m me- plain and simple,” Benji says.

“ I believe that if something’s meant to be, it’ll happen,” Benji says seriously. With Benji’s debut cd- Mother Nature, A Cold One And Me- it seems as if those things are finally beginning to happen for him. “The wheels that spun so slow for so many years are finally starting to roll. It took a lot of grease, though, to get ‘em rolling along,” Benji chuckles. Benji believes that all the years of doing what he loves has only made him the singer and man he is today. “I don’t know if I’d be this prepared or confident about taking it to the next level, if it hadn’t been for all the years of being on stage in front of folks.”

The spinning wheels have enabled Benji to get a video produced for his tune Beer Joint Baby, the album’s first track. “The neatest thing about that video was getting to work with Tommy Alverson”, Benji says. “I’ve always loved Tommy’s music and all he does for Texas artists. Getting to meet and become friends with someone you have looked up to for so long is sweet!”

In March 2008, Benji opened and closed for Moe Bandy in Fort Worth. “It’s such an honor to be invited to stand up on the same stage that Moe Bandy performs on! These are the guys I grew up listening to and singing along with,” says Benji.

The only other regret Benji has about all the good things happening right now is that fact that his mother isn’t here to see and share it with him. “My mom, Betty, passed back in ’99. She was, by far, my biggest supporter and my biggest fan, and we were very close. She passed suddenly and it was one of those deals where it happened so fast, I wasn’t there when it happened.” Betty’s sudden illness progressed from her simply not feeling well one night, to literally fighting for her life on a respirator within hours. She’d had a brain hemorrhage and was on life support before she passed. “Every time I get on stage, a part of me is, you know, singing to her- playing for my momma and trying to make her proud.”

Benji’s other inspirations in life, you ask? Their names are Dylin and Graham. Benji’s boys- ages one and three- “are awesome,” Benji confides.

“Dylin is so fun at only a year old. Graham was born blind, and he’s really into music and sounds. He loves cd’s and his stereo. I sing to he and Dylin all the time, and that’s helped me… I get to certain points in a song, or a show and I can literally close my eyes and pretend like I am singing to


This Bud’s For You

Written By: Marshall Hicks

Lyrics for "This Buds For You"

That TV commercial says
This Bud’s For You
And they show ya all the good fun things
That ol’ bud can do
Everybody’s smilin’, the party’s in full swing
But they fail to show, the watchin’ folk
What else their bud’ll bring

They never show the handcuffs
Or those little holdin’ cells
And you’ll never hear ‘em telling’ you
Of how puke looks and smells
Nobody’s got a black eye
Nobody sings the blues
So be careful bud, when ya hear
This Bud’s For You

Well I’ve been known to sip some
And I know firsthand
The costly consequences
Of that buddy in a can
It ain’t always good times, like the TV portrays
‘Cause they don’t include, the red and blues
And that copper in your face

They never show the food trays
Served up in county jails
And you’ll never hear ‘em braggin’ ‘bout
The sky high price of bail
Nobody’s in a courtroom wearin’
Funny orange jumpsuits
So be careful bud, when ya hear
This Bud’s For You




Written By: Marshall Hicks

Lyrics for "Blue"

Darlin’ I painted a picture
I painted a picture of me and you
But the set of colors, are still like new
The only one I used was blue

‘Cause blue is how I feel
Without you, in my arms
Yeah it’s true
Wish I knew, how to heal
This lonely, broken achin’ heart
From bein’ Blue

I can remember so clearly
The day that ended it for me and you
I watched the sun disappear, as the clouds turned gray
And ev’ry drop in view was blue




Beer Joint Baby

Written By: Marshall Hicks/Benji Allen

I remember when I was a pup
I used to think that I was all grown up
Standin’ on a milk crate in a beer joint, at a pinball machine…
Yeah all the gals told daddy I was cute
They liked my hat and little cowboy boots
They’d ask me to dance I’d say yes ma’am, feelin’ like a king…

I was a beer joint baby, mama couldn’t save me
Daddy had me there all the time
My bottle was a long neck, when my ears were still wet
But it didn’t take ‘em long to dry
I could throw darts, shoot pool, shoot breeze, shoot the bull
And talk like a sailor in the navy
I was a line dancin’, two steppin’, cotton pickin’ hell raisin’ kid…
A beer joint baby

I can recall sometimes when we’d leave
Daddy would be in the wind three sheets
So he’d set me in his lap and let me drive, on those back roads…
But there were times when I’d be half lit
Cause he never kept up with my sips
I’ve wound up in ditches hit some fences, but always got home…


Yeah daddy says now, that he ain’t too proud
For raisin’ me the way that he did
But I’d have to disagree, cause if it were up to me
I’d go back and do it all once again…



Debut CD:
Benji Allen - Mother Nature, A Cold One And Me

Set List

A mix of originals and covers, from Merle and George Strait to Craig Morgan and Blake Shelton and Kevin Fowler. Have plenty of material for four full sets....or more. Can also perform some classic rock-style songs for younger, more energetic crowds.