Burma Shave

Burma Shave


As Burma Shave we hail from the west of Ireland on the edge of Europe with ambitions to have our music heard on a World stage. We try not to box our style into any particular genre so lets call it "EXPERIMENTAL HARD ROCK" for now. Come check out the unique twang of BURMA SHAVE. Hell yeah!!!


We are the band that was spawned of elements unknown to science and relative explanations. Grown on these bodies and minds are spirits of a neverending past. Constant whispers, channeled through our subconscience spirits causing love, questions, answers, the human income tiny portions of witnessing god.
All metaphors aside, we're a bunch of lads who love playing our music for people. There's just something about being on stage and having people rock out to your music!
Anyimte, anyplace, you know the rest.

Functions; 16 strings altogether
uno percussionist.
(war in heaven, sex in hell?)
2 voices inside!

Wayne Moran Vocals, / Guitars, Simon Fox
Guitars / Vocals


James Flaherty Moss
Drum Bass
(-)________________ XIY ________________(+)
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Wanted for accellerating horse shit.
Burma Shave.


Remember This Day

Written By: Simon Fox

I am bound to that which I embrace
And I have secured these chains myself

So what do you do when the room starts to flood?
And your left, echoing screams of regret

When I wake up,
will I be a better man?
Remember this day

How long have I been here my friend
In awe at the mystery of the nothing before me

So what do you now you’ve fallen apart?
And your left, shooting shadows in the dark

When I wake up,
will I be a better man?
Remember this day

Bleed me young
And remember this day
For many years to come
When all those visions
In all that history
Finally wake


Written By: Wayne Moran

Open up yourself,
and ride the wave of,
a sarcastic piss take.
Gauranteed Granduer,
But your first fist thrown,
was your mistake.

I Am Fearless
(You Are Fearless)
We Are An Army Now

Walk in to a bad vibe,
feeding off others,
Blood mixing whiskey sick hate.
Tolerance avoided,
But your first fist thrown,
was your mistake.

I Am Fearless
(You Are Fearless)
We Are An Army Now


Modern Dark Poet

Written By: Wayne Moran, Simon Fox

Close my eyes at night drifting reality into dreams.Pressures that wind tight tares nightmares at the seams. It seems real this future vision a sealed deal.My blood turns cold,
It seems real!
It seems real!
Trapped ina cage of my mind perversions twisted seductions my friend. Kingdoms overcome by schizophrenic contortions.

A new god
A new crown
A disturbing sobriety
Celled ina dream i've come to believe its real

Push down
Let me breathe

Flaming wings that lay beside
My body's broken and im high
On all this shit
It makes me sick
Somewhat poetiic,
I am.

Spiraling curtains
of persian unmasked
Hidden fears distort divide
Forever unhinged
but never alive
Controlling pressures
always subsides

Flaming wings that melt beside their bodies.
Falling from grace children become auction property.
Red skies above,
my heavens on fire
An unwrapt gift bestowed

Shadowed Sun

Written By: Wayne Moran

Conform to something more than
Just living,
Into less then a mere existance
In hell.
This is a love way past my own
Please stand by me when
I just shutdown,
I just shutdown.

Snow capped presence,
that weighs heavily,
Upon my shoulders.
Drifting rememberence
From a crouded soul

Im not dead
Your hands touching
a shadowed sun
Transperant skin
Your hand touching
this shadowed sun

Transperant skin
Your hands touching
a shadowed sun
Nothings to blame
now your in the unkown place
Your chains undone

Set List

A heavy average setlist for BURMA SHAVE. (60 min average) :

1/ Judge The Right
2/ Fearless
3/ Blunt
4/ Shadowed Sun
5/ I'm Abstract
6/ Intrumental
7/ Vail Of Life
8/ Hells Gates
9/ Loretta Sweaty Box
10/ Its In Our Blood
11/ Modern Dark Poet
12/ Broken Robots

Acoustic Setlist:

Remember This Day
Broken Robots
You Know It All
Symphony Of Delirium
Monkey Hell
Pride Of The North
Life and the Rules We Don't Follow
Vail Of Life
Porno Groove

Bands we cover:

Alice In Chains, Tool, Pantera,Metallica, Chilli Peppers, Muse to name a few but there are so many more..............