Burn Collect

Burn Collect


You know the drill...!

BURN'COLLECT are a hard working, rocking, punking, smashing, good looking band who conform to noone or nothing but their ever changing whims to be the most innovative and exciting band you'll ever see!



To whom it may concern
Burn Collect are a modern rock band in every sense of these words. Their songs are edgy, energetic, highly original and ever changing to satisfy their evolving creativity.
Drawing their influences from 4 very different musical backgrounds the end result is a sound that gets your head banging, mind thinking and your soul yearning for moreā€¦ Too metal to be Rock, too Rock to be metal with a good dose of Punk bleeding its way into the mix. This is the best way to describe Our Sound. Sometimes compared to System of a Down.
Burn Collects Live shows are where they thrive the most. Their presence alone commands attention! They will either have you running in the other direction or screaming for more!
The attitudes that form this Sound are uncompromising, dedicated and honest. Second best is unacceptable. Each member of BC are true slaves to the music and it will be a cold day in hell before these souls are ever laid to rest.


2010 - EP - 2010B.C
2011 - Single - Suicide Blues