Burnevik Vega

Burnevik Vega

 Georgetown, Texas, USA

Ever hear a great band, only to be disappointed by bad vocals? We've got the cure! Burnevik Vega taken regularly will treat symptoms like crappyvocalitis, nohookitis, awheresthepocketitis, etc... We're for real! Get us while we're cheap! JK OMG! Burnevik Vega will not disappoint. Take a chance on us

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We currently have 3 demo songs you can check out at www.myspace.com/burnevikvega. The first 2 songs are originals, the third a cover of Storyville's "Good Day For The Blues". Dan Burnevik has released 2 previous recordings, Wonderful World 1995 and The Burnevik & Meyer Project 2006. Some other original material of Dan Burnevik's can be found at www.myspace.com/danburnevik, www.myspace.com/dig and www.myspace.com/acousiticfuse