Burning Candy

Burning Candy


A fusion of surf rock, hard rock, funk and alt-country makes this band one of the most unique and intriguing sounds on the Toronto circuit. The hypnotic rhythms are mixed with passionate, experiential lyrical visions targeting politics, the environment and sociological arenas.


Chucky’s vocals mix the edginess and harmonies of Gwen Stefani with
the soulfulness of Ella Fitzgerald.
J.C. Atlantis strong punk and hip hop roots drives the band in
inspiring new directions.
Jimmy Velour’s raw and eclectic guitar style has been described as
bluegrass injected with 5 quarts of adrenaline.
Welly’s bass lines are reminiscent of the
early 70’s masters like Deep Purple and Zeppelin.

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2 New studio recordings:

Set List

Typical set is 50 minutes consisting of 50% original music 50% covers. Burning Candy typically does 2 sets with encore.
Covers include David Bowie, Black Crowes, Radio Head, Cream, Grateful Dead.