Burning Circle

Burning Circle

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Burning Circle is the culmination of years of performance history of all of its members. It is a living breathing entity of the soul. Burning Circle will touch the hearts of all who listen! The music comes from the heart! No constraints and no expectations just the pure love of music.


Scott and Alan met in the summer of 1985 and found that they had the unique ability to watch old movies while jamming and follow the action. With out thinking about it or anything we seemed to be on the same page as far as interpretation of the action. Later in early nineties we met George and he seemed to have the same feeling that we had. We joined forces with Manny around the same time. The first time we met him, he came to George's studio to audition, after the first note he sang we all had to pick our jaws up off the floor. This guy was phenomenal. Our old bass player left the band and Scott's dad Bill had always wanted to play with us, so he bought a bass guitar and off we went.
Our music comes from the heart and we have not tried to force ourselves to stick to one style or genre. Whatever comes out is what we work with. The freedom of creativity in this band is unsurpassed by any band that any of us have ever been in. It's not just a band it's a family with a bond that reaches directly into the soul.

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Cold Play, Yes, Tool, Queensryche, Rush, Led Zepplin, Ralph Vaughn Williams, Megadeath, Trapeze, Uriah Heep, Steve Vai, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, Journey, Johann Sebastian Bach, Paul Gilbert, Stone Temple Pilots among many others


I Am - 4 song EP
Released in 2009 Recorded at Burning Circle Studios
Mastered by Scott Kronenthal

Currently in the studio recording our first full length release. This Release will have 10 -12 songs and should be coming out in early 2011

Set List

I Am
Set Me Free
For Better Or For Worse
Must Be Love
Set My Soul On Fire
Never Say Never
Vision Sane
Blues Without Greens
State Divide
May I