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Burning Daisy

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF | AFTRA

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Alternative




"Landmark Events Finals"

Also of note was the ‘burlesque rock’ performance from Burning Daisy. Up until now I am not even sure if ‘burlesque rock’ is even considered a genre, but from my view it is now and Burning Daisy owns it. Burning Daisy lit up the stage with tight musicianship and unique stage show theatrics. During their performance Liz Pomeroy cleverly utilized a fan in her performance not only adding a little of burlesque magic, but also to draw in the crowd to sing along. - Concert Addicts

"We sit down with Burning Daisy"

It started with pints. When Al Pujo and Liz Pomeroy sat down at a pub to talk about music, it was an instant connection. “We didn’t like the shoegazer ethos of performers,” explained Liz, “it was like we knew each other for years and years.” It was that excitement for performance, and an instant chemistry that was the spark to ignite a journey to become Burning Daisy.

The group at the time was initially enamored with the story behind Pomeroy’s stage name at the time as a solo performer, ‘Maeve’. Maeve was a character from Irish folklore known as, “the Goddess of Intoxication and Sex”, so the band adopted the name ‘Gods of Intoxication’.

[Laughter breaks out]

“Such a metal name, for not a metal band,” chuckles Jonny Vincent who joined the band after the departure of the band’s guitarist.
Vincent became acquainted with the band, as the group at the time had been rehearsing at his recording studio. In a strange twist of fate, Vincent filled in as the drummer for a show, but that was enough for Pujo and Pomeroy to realize that his presence added to the chemistry of the group. After the groups first guitarist left the band, Vincent stepped into the role of guitarist.

Dustin Frick joined the group in a similar fashion. When the band’s drummer dropped out of the group’s Western Canada Tour, Frick Took over the duties on drums. His addition solidified Burning Daisy’s lineup.

The band’s first album “Evil Monkey” was initially recorded in Vancouver in 2012, but due to complications, the 7 songs that the band had recorded at that time never saw the light of day. So now that the lineup had changed, Burning Daisy wrote 4 more songs prior to re-entering the recording studio. The additional songs brought the album up to a total of 11 songs, which was finally released in 2013. The new material was written a mere two weeks prior to the group entering the studio.

[Laughter breaks out again]

“I am pretty sure I kinda wrote some of those bass lines in the studio,” joked Pujo.

“ I work better under pressure,” added Vincent, “It’s true, its kinda how I work, but this time we are doing it right.”

“We have been refining our songwriting process,” indicated Pomeroy, “we have decided that we want to make people dance.” This is the new objective of Burning Daisy as they are currently working on their new album, which they hope to release by the fall.

The band indicates that fans will be able to hear their latest offerings on their upcoming ‘mini-tour’ of Western Canada, which sees them play Kelowna at the Grateful Fed on May 29th, Vancouver at Joe’s Apartment on May 30th, and wrapping up at The Cambie in Victoria on May 31st.

Burning Daisy has embraced the term ‘Burlesque Rock’ to describe their performances. “It really fits our sound and our set, “ explains Pujo, “the way that Liz moves on stage, the way the songs are laid out, the feel of a lot of the tunes. It really fits.” The bands embracing of the term also comes as no surprise after hearing that their influences include acts that are known for larger than life shows including Queen, Marilyn Manson and Primus, just to name a few. This combined with the fact that Pomeroy was part of a burlesque troupe in Dublin for a period of time.

The group’s broad experiences and road to this point is now culminating towards a new album. Burning Daisy is just hitting its stride, with a strong stage presence, and a desire build upon their past experiences, teamed with a vigor built upon the chemistry of a solidified lineup. If you have the chance catch them on their mini-tour of Western Canada, and bask in all that is ‘Burlesque Rock’, solid rock musicianship with a theatrical flair.

Burning Daisy is Liz Pomeroy (Vocals), Al Pujo (Bass), Jonny Vincent (Guitar), and Dustin Frick (Drums). - Concert Addicts


The band began in early 2012. Bassist Al Pujo, responded to an ad looking for musicians that was posted by Singer Liz Pomeroy. They met over a few pints at a local watering hole called Local 510. Liz and Al hit it off quickly and found they had very similar musical influences, and musical aspirations. Soon they were writing together, and brought in a guitarist and drummer. Over time, guitarist Jonny Vincent, a friend of Al’s for over a decade replaced Russell Edworthy, their original guitarist.

After a few changes in drummers, Burning Daisy recently brought in Ryan Boyko, who runs in some of the same circles as Al and Liz, as well as plays drums with Jonny in another project.


AL: Bass – Ibanez.

Ryan: Drums – Yamaha

Jonny: Guitar – Gibson

Liz: Roland upright piano


Liz – When I saw Freddie Mercury on stage at Live Aid I knew I wanted to connect with people that way. I was constantly putting on shows for my parents after dinner with a tennis racket for a guitar. “We need to stick this girl on a stage”, my Dad would always say. I took recorder and piano in school and loads of choir and theatre production. I studied Music in secondary school in Ireland and am currently taking a Diploma in Music at Grant MacEwan, Edmonton. Lots of singing lessons over the years with assorted teachers.

Al – I’ve been playing music in some form almost my entire life, but in 1994 I decided to take up the bass. I have some formal training in playing brass instruments but I’m entirely self-taught on the bass.

Ryan – Decided to play in ’91 after hearing Pantera for the first time. Pretty much self-taught. Tried lessons and got turned away for being better than the teacher.

Jonny – first time I heard paradise city I knew I wanted a les Paul and to play music, as a kid my parents watched me be so enthusiastic about playing they bought me my first guitar at age 13. I’m mostly self-taught but I took private lessons from Glen Willows of Harlequin.


Burning Daisy played the Republik and The Gateway in Calgary early this year, which was a highlight for all of us. Unfortunately, Republik has now closed down. We’ve played all sorts of venues in western Canada, from mid-size theaters to tiny hole in the wall dive bars. We also went to Austin for SXSW 2014 which was an amazing experience, being surrounded by an all music gong-show was literally out of this world.


We write in a very organic and collaborative way. Sometimes we just jam out and see what come out of us. Other times, one of us just shows up with some riffs, or a melody and we all just kind edit, and spin it around until it just feels right. We can write a song in a few minutes, but the music will usually evolve over days or weeks until it hits that “sweet spot”. We often write about dark, or tragic scenarios but we try to present it in an upbeat, danceable and flirtatious way. Often times Liz gets inspired by random things like people’s email addresses – Jonny’s email was a springboard to loads of metaphors in White Knuckle It.


We’re all friends, so that’s a very helpful thing when you’re working towards common goals. It’s important to respect each other and to be reasonable adults when conflict arises. We try work things out as a tiny democracy, but people in bands will butt heads inevitably. The key is not allowing that conflict to fester, and turn into resentment. And, in some instances there are personalities that just will not reconcile, unfortunately that can cause a band to break up, or for someone to quit, or be fired. Bands will fight over egos, and ideas. And sometimes you fight because it’s late at the hotel and some want to sleep while others want to party. Being in close quarters especially on tour can cause a lot of stress. So although we’re tight knit, sometimes you just have to get away from the others for some alone time.


AL – I’m a bit narcissistic, fame would be interesting but at the end it’s about the music and the performance to me.

Jonny – Fame is not very important but being a successful musician is.

Ryan – Fame is not important but acknowledgement for the 23 years of work I’ve put in is.

Liz – The acquisition of fame is the reason I get out of bed in the mornings – said no musician ever… - Guitar Justice


Burning Daisy - Evil Monkey - Released 2012
Burning Daisy - Heavy Human Err - Released 2012



Formed in 2011 in Calgary, Alberta, this electric, high energy four piece has been making steady progress. They have been compared to Garbage, Concrete Blonde and Paramore with many people pulling comparisons of Pomeroy's voice from Pat Benetar, Hayley Williams and Belinda Carlisle. The dynamic between Pomeroy and Pujo (bass) is magnetic and contagious. Vincent (guitar) and Ryan Boyko (drums) pull the whole show together with crowd participation and giant riffs and rhythms.

PR story - Liz Pomeroy emigrated from Dublin, Ireland in 2008 where she had been previously playing music in different bands including House Of Cozy Cushions and touring with Joan As Policewoman. Finally she found her Canadian band mates, unintentionally creating an Irish-Canadian version sounds reminiscent of her favorite childhood band growing up, Garbage.

2016 - The band is currently working on a new album to be released in Spring 2016.

2015 - Burning Daisy released their Lessons In Cutting video. The band have been busy writing this year. They placed second in the Calgary finals of the LME Showcase at The Gateway (SAIT) on 2nd May. This show placed them squarely on the map of ones-to-watch, with their signature "burlesque rock" stage performance.  They booked another western Canada tour, with a high point of a sold out show at Joe's Apartment in Vancouver and will later turn their attention to eastern Canada.

2014 - Played Spontaneous Speakeasy stage at SXSW, Road To Indie Week and released Kill All The Things and Evil Monkey videos.

2013 - Toured Western Canada with KingDoom and Chris Vrenna (of Nine Inch Nails), released their self titled EP, their debut album Evil Monkey. They played extensively throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

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