Burning Daylight

Burning Daylight


"Contagious songs in the alt-country mode, sounding like a cross between Wilco, the Old 97's and vintage Soul Asylum." -Freetime Magazine


Hailing from Rochester, N.Y., Burning Daylight combine power pop hooks with country-tinged roots rock to form an energetic sound that's both finely crafted and a little rough around the edges at the same time. In late 2006, the band traveled to Hoboken, NJ to record their recently released debut full-length record "Whiskey & Romances" with Dan McLoughlin of The Push Stars. McLoughlin (whose production credits include Dinosaur Jr and Weezer) also offered his talents as a keyboard player & guitarist, augmenting the trio's melody rich power pop/alt-country sound throughout the twelve song collection. The band's instantly accessible songs and powerful live show have given the band an edge in over three years of performances throughout the northeast, opening for a variety of national acts including The Push Stars, Mike Doughty, Tim Easton and Steve Forbert. Often compared to bands like Old 97s and Wilco, Burning Daylight's infectious melodies and bittersweet grit have set the band apart in a world of sub-genres and musical fads, all the while retaining a sound that is familiar yet all its own.


"Whiskey & Romances" LP- 2007

Set List

Burning Daylight normally play 30 to 45 minute sets but can play longer if needed. The band plays all original songs, primarily from their debut record "Whiskey & Romances".