Burning Earth

Burning Earth


The music of BURNING EARTH is where metal meets melody for a bombastic musial work-out. Take the aggression of METALLICA to the radio friendly sounds of NICKELBACK and a stage demeanor of Sevendust...you've got BURNING EARTH! Fans from Pittsburgh, PA to the great fans down under in Australia!


The band is made up of professional musicians that have been influenced from everything from the delta blues to Nu-Metal. The songs are emotionally driven with a bombastic beat. This is a band that has found a way to put their metal roots to top 40 radio. There is no line when it comes to the music of BURNING EARTH.
Each member brings their own flavor to the table from bands like Sevendust, Queen, Guns N' Roses, Staind, Black Sabbath, Stone Temple Pilots, Stryper, Rod Stewart, Johnny Cash for a lethal mixture giving the listener a full throttle mind assault on the brain AND ears.
Band members have played in various bands for several years without fullfilling their full potential. The year 2006 brought the current members together and the songwriting has been constant. You have the hard rocking tunes, the melodic "jazz metal" tunes, the ballads, each one better than the last.
BURNING EARTH has had the privilege of opening for acts such as Saliva, Buckcherry, Days of the New, The Dreaming, MercyFall, Crossfade, Quiet Riot, Jani Lane of WARRANT, The BulletBoys, Jackyl and a slew of others. Saliva frontman, Josie Scott commented about the band after their performance that he couldn’t believe they were only on the local circuit. His quote, “These boys are LOCAL!? Damn son, someone better keep an eye on you! You’re damn good, you should be proud.” Once again not taking the accolades too lightly or too serious the band kept plugging away playing more shows and writing more material.

The band got their music in the hands of singer/songwriter Dean Davidson. Upon hearing the rough demo of “If I Ask” and “Slow Burn,” Dean contacted their manager to discuss getting them in the studio to record the tunes “the RIGHT WAY, to make a REAL record.” Dean also informed them that they’d be working with the legendary Phil Nicolo (multi Grammy winner and multi-platinum album recipient) who would be helping produce, but also mixing and mastering the CD.


If I Ask

Written By: Burning Earth

Available upon request


"ONE DAY" the first full lenghth cd. Produced by Dean Davidson and Grammy Winner, Phil Nicolo. Songs such as "Fear Alone" "Slow Burn" and the internet radio smash "If I Ask" are just the tip of the iceburg.

Set List

Burning Earth has over 3 hours of music. Originals mixed with covers. On any given night the band will play tunes from Metallica, Staind, Oleander, Stone Temple Pilots, Bad Company, Ah-Ha, and many more. The sets are paced like an E-Ticket in Disney World. Its a ride you won't soon forget!