Burning Room

Burning Room


Burning Room are a Rock, Pop, Blues band based in London. Brothers Carl and Rhys grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal where they were inspired to write and play music, and this inspiration continues on today to create introspective lyrics combined with musical ambition.


Raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, brothers Rhys and Carl met the day Rhys was born. They then travelled across the world to find the best guitarist possible and they stumbled upon Tom Harlock in a little village in Cambridgeshire. Rhys went off to study popular music at Goldsmiths College, London, and there met Phil and that was the final touch to forming what is now known as BURNING ROOM

"Beginning as a cover band, the members of Burning Room have taken tremendous strides over the last few months to ensure that they leave their mark as captivating, unique, and groundbreaking artists. By combining heart-wrenching guitar riffs with introspective lyrics, Burning Room has created a lane for themselves as tomorrow’s artists – familiar yet unique, while at the same time progressive and edgy. Their unique sound is the wave of the future."


The Pocket EP is Burning Room's latest release. Lead single 'Search' has just begun being played on independent and internet radio stations around the world. The Pocket EP can be found on all major digital distribution sites such as iTunes, Play.com, Spotify, Amazon, HMV, Napster, Shazam etc.

Set List

We are also in a semi professional covers/function band but we try to keep the covers and originals seperate... for now anyway!

Our Original Set is usually 45 mins, our current full repertoire of our strongest original tracks would probably span out to about 70 - 80 mins.

Here is the set list from our last gig:

Step Back
Samson and Delilah
Reach for your hand
Singin Alone
Riot with a Right Mind
Small Town Tales
The Journey