Burning Sage

Burning Sage


"Burning Sage is an outstanding, all-female rock band. Their sound can be described as classic rock influenced, infused with today's innovative intensity. The lyrics and vocals have emotional impact." The VOICE Magazine


Burning Sage is an all female, original rock band from Cleveland, Ohio USA. They blend classic rock influences with modern flair and innovative arrangements. Their dramatic signature sound manifests through a mixture of haunting vocals, trippy percussion, electric echoes and driving rock.

Their stage shows are always dramatic and entertaining, and they even incorporate belly dancing and hand drums into their energetic and entrancing performance.

In addition to their full-band hard rock show, Burning Sage also offers an acoustic performance that displays their diversity and the influence of Middle East and African cultures. Burning Sage "Unveiled" combines acoustic guitars, an array of hand percussion and belly dancing.

Burning Sage has toured extensively, performing with diverse national and international acts like Rusted Root; Gaelic Storm (from "The Titanic" movie); Michael Schenkar (UFO, Scorpions); Hot Tuna; New Riders of the Purple Sage; and Airto Moreira. Their music can be heard on radio stations throughout the U.S., in Europe, Turkey and the Netherlands.



Written By: Words © 2003 Sanders, BMI

Out of the back door, cross the yard into the stable
I lose my place I see my face against the willow
And as I struggle to hang on to what is left of me
And as I move I see the mist arise engulfing me

Where have you gone
She twists the knife
Where have you gone

Into the night I chase the dark horse through the shadows
And through the trees the mystic sees the lighted candle
Onto my knees I drop, I beg for something more
Onto my need the wax has spilled my prophecy

I’ve been here before
She twists the knife
I’ve been here before

She sees inside me like my heart is but a window
She knows my mind, she knows my pain, my desperation
She’s seen him pulling from and leaving now my life
“But do not fear my child” she sees another coming

Words © 2003 Sanders, BMI
Music © 2003 Sanders, Balaschak, Marquez, BMI

Kiss of Darkness

Written By: Burning Sage

Kiss of Darkness
© & (p) 2005
Lyrics – Lin Sanders, BMI
Music – Sanders, Balaschak, Marquez, BMI

Here we are
Lies are drawn to me now
Face to face, unseemingly
It never ends
Sudden death
And darkness
Cover me
Cover me
Cover me

Jesus Christ
I watch you bleed
I, I, I, I Feel your pain

I touch your face
I hold your fate
I kiss your mouth
I breathe your breath
I taste your fear
I hear your voice
Speaking to me
Speaking to me
Speaking to me

And I stood outside in the rain
And I lowered down my body to reach his
On a whisper across the wind
Escape my lips
With a kiss
You draw the poison out of me
My love


"Purification" Full-length CD released 2003 on FireBand Records.

Songs "Prophecy," "Nearer I Fall," and "Pandora's Box" recieving radio airplay in US and abroad.

"Primal Rhythm" Full-length hand drumming CD released by Burning Sage's drummer Sue Balaschak on FireBand Records in 2005

"Unveiled" Burning Sage acoustic EP released on FireBand Records in 2006

"Chicks with Picks and Sticks" Compilation CD benefiting Domestic Violence shelters. Released in 2006.

Set List

Full Band Typical Set List:
(One set of one hour)

Nearer I Fall
The Bed
Pandora's Box
Kiss of Darkness
So Far Away
Walk Away

Covers include Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit"
"Sober" by Tool, "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica and similar songs

Acoustic duo typical set list:
(Two sets of one hour each)

Last Waltz
The Bed
MidSummer Tales
Wild Mountain
All About You
Walk Away
Watching You
Setting Sun
Rhythm Dance
So Far Away

Covers include traditional folk songs and songs by Loreena McKennitt and others.