Burning Springs

Burning Springs


We may unwittingly cross the paths of dysfunction, Determined and unthreatened by the staleness of reality, music is our backbone, our inpspiration.


Burning springs originated in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada,. The foundation of which is five talented young men who began a locally successful band in early 2003, known as Bodyflag. Together they have won numerous “battle of the bands” contests, and have been featured on a compilation album 'Spirit of the Falls' which was released in the summer of 2005. In order to fully showcase their talents the group transformed to what is now known as Burning Springs in May of 2005. Burning Springs features Jay Newlands on lead vocals, and Anthony Botting guitar and vocals. The pair collaborated to write all music and lyrics for burning springs which combines a knowledge and understanding of rock, soul, blues and alternative music. The group continues to cultivate their talents by performing at various locations throughout Ontario.


(In progress)
-On the rocks

(Burning Springs- self titled 2005)
1. Everytime (a)
2. Everytime (b)
3. Fearless tears
4. Out of Sight
5. I.D.
6. Forever

(Spirit of the Falls- 2 disk compilation album-2005)

-Let it out (recorded as Bodyflag)

(BodyFlag- self titled 2004)
1. Let It out
2. Nobody Grows
3. Take Me Down
4. Trouble in paradise
5. Newskin
6. Landmines

Set List

----Typical 45-50min setlist----
Everytime (a)
Everytime (b)
Fearless Tears
On the Rocks
Bullet in the Head (Cover)
Out of Sight