Burning Theory

Burning Theory



Imagine a blank piece of paper. You have in your hands the tools to decorate this piece of paper to your satisfaction. But heres the catch , people are watching you. So do you opt for the easy way out and start decorating it in such a way that other artists before you do just to please your audience ? Or do you follow your heart and decorate it with your feelings and emotions not caring weather or not your impressing anybody. Well for Burning Theory , the second choice is the one we have chosen. We are a band of 5 members hailing from the small town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We have all grown up listening to many styles of music and studying the sounds of the world. We love music plain and simple. We do not stand together trying to impress anyone with our art that we create on stage, but try to reach the audience with the emotion and message behind our music. We play what we feel and what we like, were not going to promise its the most creative or the most catchy music in the world. But its ours.

Burning Theory in their 13 months of being a band has shared the stage with national acts such as Petra, Storyside B, Subseven, Chasing Victory, Eleventyseven, Flatfoot 56, Last Tuesday and Mourning September just to name a few. They continue to reach out to their fans and play shows further and further away home. They have created, maintained and continue to build their fanbase all the while remaining an independent band and doing it on their own.

"one of the best and most talented bands we've seen in this style of music" - Awaken Magazine

"They keep their heavy edge with their powering guitar riffs and hammering drums while still giving a positive message through their music." - Awaken Magazine


"The Prognatus" LP (2006)
"The Battle for Saint Ezra" EP (2005)

Set List

We believe every show should have its own unique vibe and personal touch. We change our set every show according to different aspects of that show. We play occasional covers but mostly play all originals.